Welcoming Rus-Art to the Churchbank Quarter!

Today we are so pleased to welcome into the Churchbank Quarter a lady with extraordinary artistic talent. Irina Rumyantseva of Rus-Art is now part of our growing creative corner of Bolton and is now looking to 2012 to achieve a strong and prosperous year. The artist from the beautiful city of St Petersburg was recently … Continue reading

Inspiring In-depth Interview With Local Production Company – Austin Brothers Films

Can you firstly introduce yourselves to the readers who may not yet have come across your work and give an insight into Austin Brothers Films? Well, Austin Brothers Films is an independent production company set up by three Boltonian lads – Chris (32), Dan (30), and Matt (28) Austin. We’ve been creating films, short films and music … Continue reading

Traditional Fashion Magazines Dead? Fashion Bloggers on the Rise

Highlighted by Dena Tahmasebi on the BBC Online this week, we see that the traditional glossy magazines of the fashion world are feeling the pinch from the rise of thousands of bloggers worldwide for influence in the fashion Industry. The biggest distinct advantage is that their content and opinion can be posted online to gauge … Continue reading