Social Networking Tips to Consider When Promoting your next Local Event

Working online like we do here everyday, we come across so many businesses and individuals either having no clue on how to share their business or event. People often simply push things down the wrong avenue and hinder their chances of making their next event a success by putting people off through their promotion skills … Continue reading

The Benefits of Social Networking: Creating a Community for your Blog

When I first started writing my blog, just over one year ago, my intentions were for it to be an ‘online diary of sorts’ and so that was my tag-line. It was my own personal space of the wonderful World Wide Web and I wasn’t necessarily bothered who would read it. That was a good … Continue reading

Traditional Fashion Magazines Dead? Fashion Bloggers on the Rise

Highlighted by Dena Tahmasebi on the BBC Online this week, we see that the traditional glossy magazines of the fashion world are feeling the pinch from the rise of thousands of bloggers worldwide for influence in the fashion Industry. The biggest distinct advantage is that their content and opinion can be posted online to gauge … Continue reading

10 Top TED Talks to Inspire and Educate

TED Talks are big across the web to inspire lots of designs and creatives alike, here I wanted to pick out Ten recent talks from the TEDtalks archive which have inspired me the most in recent weeks and months. Here we see talks discussing; social media, wearable communication, growing your own clothes, creative housing & ecoactivism. Kate … Continue reading

Some great jokes on Social Media!

Most Useful Books on Social Media

Click on the link to view the top 15 most useful books of 2010 on the topic of social media.