Exclusive Interview with Top Fashion Designer Masato Jones

Originating from a village just outside of Tokyo, former hair stylist Masato decided he wanted a new route to show off his creativity. Fashion was something he had always been interested in, and after graduating from St Martins his talents were proved when Giles Deacon snapped him up for an internship which then developed into … Continue reading

MCRFW Review: The Manchester School of Art

The Manchester School Of Art’s collection was one of the most creative catwalk shows I have ever seen. The clothing was thoughtful and ironic, bright and fun, and brought a smile to everyone’s faces at Wednesday’s show for Manchester Fashion Week. It was clear that the students have raw talent, and it shone through in … Continue reading

First Look at Manchester Fashion Week: Alex Christopher

Alex Christopher opened the third day of Manchester Fashion week yesterday, with his distinctive mens and womenswear collections. At the age of just 26, this designer has arrived onto the fashion radar and just keeps growing, constantly impressing and adding to his cult following. A designer and the owner of boutiques across the North of … Continue reading

Urban Outfitters: Why It’s More than Just Popular Indie High Street Store

Shares in Urban Outfitters have been reported to have risen by seven percent this week, but what is it that this high street brand does so well? Perhaps it’s the association with the ever popular “indie” scene, however I think there’s much more to their retail reign than this alone. They have become well-known for … Continue reading

Manchester Spring Fashion Show 2012 Review

Last week saw the 3rd annual Spring Fashion Show take place at Pitcher & Piano on Manchester’s Deansgate Locks. The show enables emerging fashion designers and young creatives to showcase their collections to an audience via the catwalk. Organised by vintage fashion designer and event’s organiser Victoria Rosso, along with student and fashion/beauty writer Claire … Continue reading

Fashion Writer Nicole Broad Reports on Thai Travels and Trends

I had never been on a long haul flight before the 27th December 2011, and on the three hour journey to Heathrow I started to wonder what I’d let myself in for. The excitement was there, but it hadn’t come to the surface yet, and instead I was nervous and apprehensive. I started to find things to worry … Continue reading