Advice on Keeping Your Branding Consistent

While the importance of Internet marketing cannot be overstated, other media should not be neglected. This includes business cards, flyers, brochures, post cards and even stationary — all should have a consistent theme and tie in with your other branding efforts, such as your website and social media profiles. Design for printed collateral should therefore … Continue reading

Rob Helsby Talks about Placement Life Whilst at Vivid

After graduating from the University of Leeds this summer with a degree in Graphic & Communication Design I took the decision to move to Manchester. The city is fantastic and full of opportunities for a young designer such as myself. I try and keep up to date with my favourite studios through Twitter, and checking … Continue reading

The Benefits of Social Networking: Creating a Community for your Blog

When I first started writing my blog, just over one year ago, my intentions were for it to be an ‘online diary of sorts’ and so that was my tag-line. It was my own personal space of the wonderful World Wide Web and I wasn’t necessarily bothered who would read it. That was a good … Continue reading