Artist and Illustrator Joanna Scott!

Hope you all enjoyed your Jubilee holiday folks! To kick off this week’s features, we have an established creative in the form of Joanna Scott. Joanna has worked as an artist and illustrator for over twenty years with work published under licence for gift ware clients internationally. She has an ongoing interest in illustrating animals, finding … Continue reading

20 Incredible Underwater Photographs

Whether it’s with animals, fish or humans, underwater photography is a skill that few are able to perfect. Not only is it necessary to learn to scuba-dive, snorkel and of course swim in order to battle the elements, in some instances the photographer can face some pretty hair-raising moments with some of the oceans fiercest … Continue reading

The Best of National Geographic’s Photo of the Day 2012

Throughout the years, the National Geographic has showcased a plethora of breathtaking photographs from across the globe. On browsing through this year’s Photo of the Day albums, we at Business Boom decided to shortlist 35 of our favourite shots to date. Feast your eyes on these stunning examples! Missed any out? Feel free to post … Continue reading