Press & Testimonials

It’s always nice to be recognised from other sites across the web aswell as in print and other sources. Here we will collate any links and places which Business Boom have been graciously mentioned by our peers and friends both online and offline.

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Featured with Fiona McIntosh

Featured in the Press section for founder of UK Grazia Magazine, former editor of Elle and Company magazine; Fiona McIntosh. We were lucky enough to publish a great interview with her here.


Shape Design Studio

“Shape’s co-founders, Andy Golpys and Jason Mayo, first found out in one of their classes about Business Boom Bolton. Andy and Jason teach Web Design at the University of Salford and a student mentioned that they had been featured. After checking out the site, we loved the idea and what they were trying to achieve, as we all know how hard it is for students to expose their work and get noticed. We also thought it would be a good place to expose the fact that we take on student placements throughout the year, especially as Bolton is only 15 minutes away from our Design Studio in Atherton.

We hope our relationship with Business Boom Bolton continues to grow and expose our studio within the local area. When dealing with Business Boom Bolton, the communication was quick and easy, something that is very important in all of our busy diary schedules.”– Shape Design Studio


Photographer Dave O’Keefe

“Although I have been a professional photographer for some years now, I have significantly noticed an increase in ‘foot-fall’ on my site and online portfolios since Business Boom Bolton contacted me after seeing my work on Facebook. They emailed asking to feature me on their website and after a quick look at not only the extensive content on the website but also the quality of work displayed on it, I agreed wholeheartedly. 

After the feature ran on the site; not only did traffic through my portfolios increase thanks to their well timed Tweets and Facebook tags; but they have continued to support me and motivate me to keep my standards to the level that first attracted them. It is always nice for budding creatives to appreciate your work and I get the strong feeling that BBB are firm believers of the old adage ‘credit where credit’s due’ and they are brilliant Re-Tweeters, Taggers, Likers and all in all terrific supporters.

Whichever member of the team you’re dealing with, I’ve found that they’re always friendly, prompt to reply whilst remaining fun and informal but highly professional. I would definitely recommend them to any creative who needs a bit of a professional boost a personal buzz or who just enjoys seeing other great work on a well organised and informative website.” –Dave O’Keefe Photography


Victoria Claire of Vibrant Vintage

“I first came across Business Boom Bolton when they kindly retweeted a message on twitter advertising my first vintage fair. Business Boom Bolton then agreed to write an article about my business and upcoming fair. The team also agreed to add a poster promoting my vintage fair to their website. Following the article, the super talented and creative Claire from Dolly Cool contacted me about having a stall at the vintage fair. We discovered that we lived just up the street from one another and both shared a passion for all things vintage.”

“I have also met Sarah from Vintage Retro Kitsch and Rebecca from Polka Dots and Pearls, both had stalls at my vintage fair. I am very excited to be going to Polka Dots and Pearls vintage wedding fair on 11th March. Business Boom Bolton has grown dramatically since summer and has been fantastic in promoting my business and other creative businesses in the Bolton area.”

“Kitty Wink Vintage recently established a vintage networking group for businesses in the Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire area. At the first vintage networking meeting it was fabulous to see so many businesses that knew each other via Business Boom Bolton. Business Boom Bolton has no doubt been responsible for bringing businesses and their owners together. I cannot thank Business Boom Bolton enough for all their hard work and support in promoting my business, I know that my vintage fairs would not have been successful without their assistance.” – Victoria Claire of Vibrant Vintage


Louise Sleigh of Catwalk Creative Vintage

“I first discovered Business Boom Bolton on the Facebook page of Vintage Network North West and instantly wanted to find out more. They provide a much-needed boost for small businesses in the area and showcase a wide variety of creative talents. There’s always someone new to discover.”

“After leaving comments and re-tweeting posts, I was approached to see if I’d like my own business featured. Of course I agreed, and the team at Business Boom Bolton were fantastic. I really can’t thank them enough. Their positivity and encouragement is so refreshing. Not only was my business featured, but the team often stop by my own blog to leave a comment or they’ll mention me on Twitter. They really are the best! Business Boom Bolton – I take my hat off to you! Thanks a million!” – Louise Sleigh of Catwalk Creative Vintage


Published Children’s Book Illustrator Kay Widdowson

“Business Boom contacted me via twitter. I was really impressed with their wonderful site so I was very excited when they asked me to feature on their interview section.

I posted this on my twitter and facebook page and got a great response with a few clients saying how much they enjoyed the interview. Business Boom, Jared and Design Juices all tweeted and retweeted it which was great to get my work out there.
Business Boom really do work hard for all the wonderful creatives out there. So a big thank you to them.” Kay Widdowson Published Illustrator


Illustrator Rachel George

“After seeing a fellow illustrators work displayed by Business Boom Bolton I dropped them a quick email. They displayed their interest to interview me in June 2012, and I was thrilled with the level of quality questions that were asked throughout.

They both displayed a professional knowledge of my field and personal interest in my work. After the interview went live I received a great deal of traffic to both my website and social media outlets. Business Boom Bolton proceeded to advertise the interview over the next few weeks which resulted in continuous traffic through twitter.

Business Boom is a fantastic source of useful information, quality content and an excellent resource for freelancers such as myself to access as a means of great self promotion, and to top it off, it’s free!” –Illustrator Rachel George


Dotmoxee Photographers

“Like many others, we discovered Business Boom on twitter and facebook and noticed they were networking with some of our followers. After being introduced to Business Boom, we were soon discussing our own business feature with them which was really exciting for us and a great opportunity as a young business. Dotmoxee Photographers is consistantly receiving hits to the website through business boom and the feature has allowed us to network with many other creative businesses who were either featured or found our work from others sharing it.

Business Boom is a superb online resourse offering up to date news on local events, introducing new local businesses and a great eye opener to upcoming talent. We are always inspired when we hit the homepage and cannot believe the quality of work we see is based in the North West. We are sure to expect greater things coming from Business Boom!

We cannot thank Business Boom for supporting Dotmoxee Photographers and hope to work with them again in the future. 
Thanks so much guys!” – Emilie & John Paul, Dotmoxee Photographers


Simon Owen of Standby Productions

“Business Boom Bolton have been a great way for us to get an article out to the creative market for us and the up take on the article has been brilliant. Working to help creative businesses, locally, has to be a good thing for all involved, so I have no hesitation in recommending getting in touch with them to help you promote your work/business. I’d like to think we’ll be working with Business Boom again soon as it’s a great way for us to get seen.” Simon Owen, Director of Standby Productions


Fashion Photographer Amanda Littler

“As a fashion photographer I have recently been working on my portfolio, just after my new work was uploaded to my site Business Boom Bolton kindly contacted me about a feature on their website. As I saw their website I was impressed with the overall look of the site – stylish, professional and lots of great features.

The feature they ran on myself as a photographer was great exposure, I gained more traffic on my site and further twitter followers. It was great to share with others and the staff were very friendly and helpful with everything from helping with the feature to promoting the feature on social networks. Creatives and professionals would benefit from having their work on Business Boom Bolton due to heightening their profile and traffic with assistance and backup from the team.Amanda Littler Fashion Photographer


Alice of Kitty Wink Vintage

“I was contacted by Business Boom Bolton through Louise Sleigh of Catwalk Creative Vintage and was asked if I’d write a piece about my vintage makeover business. Within a matter of 48 hours a fantastic article had been published along with lots of photographs to demonstrate my work. Free publicity! There’s not many businesses offering that these days. Business Boom Bolton are extremely pro-active and always willing to promote new businesses in the north-west.”Alice of Kitty Wink Vintage


Livia Lucie of Three29design

“Thanks to good ol’ twitter I found out about Business Boom Bolton – via a peer who had been featured on this site for his photography – and was surprised when they asked to feature me! Of course, I jumped at the chance and they put up a lovely feature about me and design my work. Various people from friends, to clients to people I don’t know have spoken to me about the feature which is great 🙂

One of the stand out pieces of feedback I received is from a motion designer over in Singapore who wrote a lovely status about me and my work on Facebook and it’s such an honour to be an inspiration to people like that. Business Boom Bolton is a website with a  very personal feel that’s packed to the brim with interesting people and work. Bravo to the owners of the site for keeping things like that :)”Livia of


Emma Lee 

“I first knew of Business Boom Bolton when they kindly tweeted my blog. As a new designer and soon-to-be-graduate it’s really important for my work to get seen as it could lead to potential employment. After seeing some more examples of my work, the guys at BBB then asked if I would like to be featured. Since the article went live I’ve had nothing but postive feedback, which is great, plus I’ve gained quite a few new Twitter followers!
I really appreciated how friendly the BBB team were and I love how enthusiastic they are about showcasing creative talent and promoting those in the North West. Since being featured, I’m always stopping by the site to see what’s new. It’s a brilliant idea and hope they keep going.” Emma Lee


Fashion Designer Heather Gerrick

“The opportunity to stage my work with Business Boom Bolton was a chance I could not pass up. Initially contacting them through twitter I could see the wide audience they were broadcasting too, and saw it would be a fantastic chance to show people my work. The manner in which they contacted me was always professional and friendly which is important when sending someone images of your work. It was also clear to see how passionate the Business Boom Bolton team are about the work they do. The feature on my work looked fantastic and really showcased my style as a designer. All of this exposure was provided free which is a huge benefit to new graduates as many of us are in a similar position of having little resources after the huge expenses incurred from university education. The platform Business Boom Bolton are offering to young creatives is great to get your work seen by a wider audience, something that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to do alone. For me personally it was also nice to be recognized by a local business.” Heather Gerrick


Graphic Designer Michael Mercer Brown

“The Business Boom lads approached me about being featured on the site and to come down to the office and talk about their vision.  They are a stand up set of gents that have a real passion to help the young creatives in the ever expanding market of talent. Giving that first foothold and gateway to a potential client or job is something all new grads are looking for and with BB’s passion and drive they are certainly people that you would be proud to be involved with. If you are after some help with exposure, or would like help with how to get started in the industry then these lads really can help you out. Efficient, clean and concise in their work, its a no hassle approach to the industry. Something that helps any creative out in the midst of the mayhem that can be the day to day grind.”Designer Michael Mercer Brown


Freelance Designer Dale Brooks

“I first came across Business Boom Bolton via Twitter. Once looking through their website, it was clear to me that what they ran and stood for was fantastic – I started my own business approx. 12 months ago and have always been on the lookout for ways to get my work displayed and interact with other designers, Business Boom Bolton is the perfect platform for this.

Since they ran the feature on myself, I have seen traffic through to my website increase dramatically. I am extremely pleased with the feature that Business Boom Bolton has ran on my design and work, and would definately recommend them to any budding designer out there. They are great at promoting local businesses and new designers. In a world that is recovering from the ecomonic crash, organisations like them are brilliant for helping find new customers. They are extremely supportive and are great to work with.” –Dale Brooks


Designer & Illustrative Artist Rob Lenihan

“Business Boom Bolton have given us a great opportunity to showcase the work we do. The staff have been very friendly which made the whole experience of contributing to the website very easy and ultimately rewarding. Since publishing the article we have had some great feedback and we get a sense that our profile has been raised both with the twitter community and other creatives. It helped people understand our achievements and what excites us as a business. It’s great to be placed amongst other talented individuals and successful business all with great ideas and a passion for what they do.” – Rob Lenihan


Fashion Designer Paula Tasker

“I first became aware of Business Boom Bolton after they contacted me via Twitter and offered some very kind comments about my blog. They asked if I had considered writing for another blog and suggested I wrote a piece about myself and my design work. I jumped at the chance, there are very few companies these days who genuinely want to promote local businesses and definitely a select group who do it without huge member fees! 

So I wrote a little piece about what I do and included some images of my work and it was posted up on the website, since then I have written another couple of pieces and it’s lovely to get feedback from fellow bloggers and readers.

Business Boom Bolton are always excited to hear about what you are doing and are happy to feature posts, it’s really encouraging and it’s a great place to discover new local businesses and creative people which always inspires me. I really appreciate the support and can’t wait to see what new talent they discover next.” – Paula Tasker


Fashion Writer Jessica Simm

“I began writing for Business Boom Bolton in December 2011. The website has enabled me to showcase my work to a large audience from across the region and gives me the opportunity to write about anything of the moment which is interesting me throughout the fashion industry. I have been invited to a number of fashion shows within the area to write reviews on the collections showcased and also been asked to write pieces featuring local designers by the designers themselves. My articles have had lots of positive feedback which has only motivated me further. I love writing for Business Boom as I am gaining great writing experience. Jessica Simm (Fashion Writer)


Fashion Writer & Photographer Nicole Hazel Broad

“I was first introduced to Business Boom Bolton from an email after they came across my blog, Cookoo-Galleon. With their help my writing and photography has been featured on their site, giving my blog more publicity and helping me to becoming an Ambassador for Manchester Fashion Network.

Business Boom Bolton promote local creatives and give them the step up the ladder they need. Not only that, but they are friendly, full of advice, talented and when reading their blog it is obvious they have a flair for picking out talent. I would highly recommend for anyone to become involved in this growing business, you wont regret it!”Nicole Hazel Broad


Graphic Designer Sam Jones of Sivioco

“I first became aware of Business Boom after they sent me a message me via Twitter saying how much they liked my work and if I would like to share some of it on their website. I decided to check it out and after discovering all these great interviews with young up and coming artists, designers and illustrators, I was sold. Business Boom was actively promoting new talent and giving them the opportunity to showcase their work to thousands of people for free, so I jumped at the chance to be involved.
After my interview went live Business Boom and a couple of affiliated Twitter accounts tweeted the link and I was expecting that to be it, but they kept on promoting it, days, even weeks later. My portfolio saw a spike in traffic and it introduced my work to a lot of people that may not have seen it otherwise. I applaud Business Boom on the great work they’re doing and would encourage all creative professionals to showcase their work here. You couldn’t ask for any better support.” – Sam Jones of Sivioco.

Fashion Writer Sarah Thain

“I was contacted by Business Boom Bolton, after a friendly chat on Twitter, asking me if I’d like to be their second interviewee for their website. As a local blogger (Sequin This) and design student I was delighted to be asked, knowing all the hard work they put into promoting North West creatives. The BBB team were really friendly and asked me plenty of thoughtful questions, which resulted in an impressive final interview published on their website. 

I was really pleased with the final outcome and as a result, gained some new Twitter and blog followers. And my mum was impressed too, which is always a bonus! I would highly recommend Business Boom Bolton for promoting local businesses and talented individuals. They are incredibly supportive and a great set of people to work with.”- Sarah Thain of Sequin This

Jeweller and Silversmith Selina Campbell

“I first heard of business boom Bolton through twitter. They tweeted asking if they would like to show case, on their website. I said yes, not knowing who they were or about. I hadn’t seen their website, but I sent them images and info about myself and then they tweeted me when it was up on their website. They wrote a great feature and I was so impressed and touch of what they had wrote and how long the article was. I think the article was amazing and I can’t thank them enough for adding the article. Being a Manchester business it’s great to have the support in the northwest and promotion for creative’s. Thank you for your support and your constant retweet’s!” – Selina Campbell Jewellery 


Photographer Janet Broughton

“Like so many others I first came across the guys at Business Boom on Twitter, they often retweet my tweets which is really appreciated since they reach a much wider audience. They are doing a fantastic job of searching out and showcasing local talent and I was over the moon to be featured recently. They are really starting to build a strong local creative community, something that doesnt seem to have been done before and judging by the diverse range of talented people they have showcased its sure to be a thriving community.” – Photographer Janet Broughton


Photographer Lorna Roberts

“I was approached by Business Boom Bolton asking if I would like to be featured on their site, and after seeing all the other creative businesses they had featured I instantly said yes! I’ve only been running my photography businesss for a couple of years, so although I’m doing quite well, I’m still relatively new to the industry. I got some really good feedback after the feature, and it’s always good to know that local businesses are being supported and recognised. Social networking is a must for any business these days, and Business Boom Bolton frequently ‘ReTweet’, which means you get to reach people that didn’t even know you existed! They offer great exposure – so if you get the chance – get yourself featured!” – Lorna Roberts, Lorna Roberts Photography


Illustrator and Designer Alan Dalby

“Bolton Business Boom is a brilliant and professional that promotes a wide range of designers in and around the Bolton area. They show a real interest in the creative industry and they offer genuine support for local creative businesses

BBB first contacted me via twitter and asked If I’d like to be featured on their site. I checked out the site and was really impressed with the quality of content and the quality of the site as a whole so I snapped up the opportunity. Not only was I featured on the site, but they also regularly tweet about my work. This generated a real increase in visits to my website and they continue to retweet my tweets and promote me, months after our first contact.” –Designer Alan Dalby


Design and Illustrator Emma Brown Owl

“I first found out about Business Boom Bolton through Twitter. There were a lot of positive comments about the articles on the site and the feedback from them so I was keen to be featured as well.

Since the interview, my website and blog have both benefitted from some extra views; it was great to have the chance to introduce myself and my work to a new audience and gain some exposure in the North West. It also gave me the opportunity to discover some of the talented people in the area that I wasn’t aware of before.

Business Boom Bolton is a fantastic organisation to be involved with. They’re helping to build up a strong and diverse creative community in the North West and pushing new businesses into the limelight.”Designer and Illustrator Emma Brown Owl


Photographer Steven Bullock

“I first found out about Business Boom Bolton, through twitter. As a photographer I am always trying to get my work out there to as many people as possible and having the feature on Business Boom Bolton helped that greatly.

I am very pleased how my feature turned out on the website and it has helped to create more followers to myself on twitter along with the viewership on my blog growing too. It is great how they are following and helping to promote the talent pool of creatives in the North West and how they keep in contact with you, catching up with you to see how you are doing and help out the creatives in the industry, as well as the regulars tweets too which is always nice.” Photographer Steven Bullock


Graphic Designer Helena Masterson

“I first came across Business Boom when I saw a link to the site on a peers blog at University. After having a look at what Business Boom were about, I saw what a fantastic site it was.  It aims to help students, graduates and creative businesses get seen and so I took the opportunity to send in some of my own work. The site showcased this as well as sharing my work via social media.

I have had a great response from interacting with Business Boom and it has helped me to get seen as a creative. I would definitely recommend getting in touch with them if you want to promote your business or work.” Graphic Designer Helena Masterson


Graphic Designer Andrew Rothwell

“Business Boom Bolton first sought me out on Twitter and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. The friendly and enthusiastic team mentioned that they’d like to hear off me about my work and my ambitions, so I leaped at the chance, and I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to discuss some of what I’ve done at university with the wider audience offered by BBB. My feature on the site has done wonders for my efforts in social media, and I feel like I’m now getting a lot more exposure.
It’s great to see a place online specifically for creatives needing an extra boost of exposure throughout Greater Manchester and the North West, the quality of the stuff up on the site is excellent and I love seeing what other people from my university and others in the area are up to, it’s a real inspiration!”-Graphic Designer Andrew Rothwell

Illustrator Jamie Briggs

“When Business Boom Bolton contacted me I was very grateful that they wanted to feature my work on their site. I was asked to write a few paragraphs about me and my work which would be featured on the Business Boom Bolton website. After the article on my work was posted I gained a new number of followers of my work, a lot more people where visiting my website.

They give creative talents a boost to get their work noticed by promoting the talent on their site and it’s free to get your work featured. After being contacted by Business Boom I continued to follow the articles and the tweets of new and great talents. I am truly glad the kind folks over at Business Boom feature my work and other talents without them promoting great work would be unnoticed.” Jamie Briggs


Natasha Harris of Soul Child Photography

“My experience using the businessboombolton website was great.  It was an easy to use website and it was great having a business which helped me advertise my work. They also repeatedly expose your work or offers you have when your website changes, which I find 
brillant.” Soul Child Photography


Kayleagh Dowall of Art Shaped

“I was contacted by Business Boom Bolton via twitter. They had discovered that I was an artist and were offering me a great opportunity to have my work featured on their site. After only graduating in 2011, getting myself noticed was, and still is, extremely important so I jumped at the chance. I had been fighting to get my work seen through the use of social networking sites without much luck but after Business Boom Bolton featured a piece about me the viewings of my website increased meaning my work was being seen by more people.

Not only did BBB feature a piece about me, they have also constantly supported me the last few months. Setting up Art Shaped has had its ups and downs and BBB have always found the right thing to say to keep my morale up. I don’t think university prepares you for ‘the real world’ so having that constant contact from them has been brilliant.

They also regularly link to my site/Twitter/ Facebook page, retweet and share my works and have even added an updated feature of my latest works. I couldn’t ask for anything more, they have been fantastic. Thank you to all the team for everything that you have done for me and Art Shaped, it is greatly appreciated.”Kayleagh Dowall of Art Shaped


Graphic Designer Lauren Tonge

“I first heard of Business Boom Bolton when they kindly started following me on Twitter. I was very impressed with their website and its really refreshing to find somewhere online thats dedicated to local talent in my area. I am a recent graduate and they offered to do a feature on my design work. I had never done it before so it was a real confidence boost so I thank them immensely for it. Shortly after my feature they got back in touch offering to give me their words of wisdom towards the design industry. So I am very excited for that and to see them at the Bolton Uni Degree Show on Wednesday! I would definitely recommend them to other fellow creatives.”Graphic Design Graduate, Lauren Tonge


Photographer Dave Schofield

“When I blogged for Business Boom Bolton I’d heard their name mentioned in conversations a few times , especially around Bolton university, and blogger friends had been featured in their guest posts.  As a blogger its great to be able to get a chance to link to my work and reach like minded people.  As an editor I know how hard it is to find people, and how vital networking is.

What I like the most about BBB though is the frequent email notifications I get when another creative local has guest blogged.  They let me find new work that interests me, remind me of some of the locals I already knew and allow me to discover some of the great upcoming events in the area.  Most of all though, they let me feel as though I’m part of a community of artists, designers and photographers all on my own doorstep.Dave Schofield


Ria Amber Tesia

“Being featured by Business Boom Bolton has been extremely beneficial for me. I have seen an exponential rise in web traffic since being featured on their website. I have made some most excellent contacts in the creative industry and I’m in talks with a photographer to collaborate on another project – exciting times lie ahead! BBB is an excellent hub for the creative community and beyond, and I count on BBB to relay up to date information on key events in the North West. To top that, they’re a fantastic bunch, always happy to answer any questions whilst being inherently awesome. These guys really do rock!” Ria Amber Tesia


Artist Lily Greenwood

“I was impressed with both the professional look of the Business Boom Bolton website and the interesting and readable articles they published, so when they approached me about featuring my work I was more than happy to work with them. They were very helpful during the writing process and were quick to both publish the article and help promote it online. It’s greatly appreciated, especially at a time when small creative businesses need help more than ever.” Lily Greenwood


Lucy Hurst of House of Sharkey

“I met Jared of Business Boom through LCollective and then started follwing him on twitter. Soon after that he asked if I would like to be interveiwed and featured on the website. Since then i’ve noticed that a lot more people have visted my website with increased interest of my work.

Both of the boys who run this have been very sweet to me, publicizing and supporting my work and keeping me in the loop for local craft fairs for my business. I’m very very glad I met and worked with Business Boom Bolton.” – Lucy Hurst


Sarah Morris-Turner of Vintage Retro Kitsch

“I would like to thank Business Boom Bolton for their help in promoting my business. I sell vintage and retro homewares and came across them via other local vintage sellers Vibrant Vintage by Victoria Clare and Polka Dots and Pearls. They did a great feature on me and always try to promote any local events we may be taking part in. They provide a very useful service and I would happily recommend them.” -Sarah Morris-Turner Vintage Retro Kitsch


Bespoke Bouquets by Dionne

“I have nothing but praise for the team at Business Boom Bolton. As a small business, it has been a refreshing change, to have a company that actually helps you promote not only your own business, but also other business’s local to our area.
I first got in contact with the team via Twitter, and after agreeing ot feature on their blog, i was overwhelmed that they really understood what my business was “all about” and they really did do it justice.

I have since recommended other companies to Business Boom Bolton, and they have contacted them in a speedy and professional manner. I would not hesitate to recommend to other companies and it really does feel like a little “group” is developing, which is both helpful and motivating. Thank you for bringing us all together.”Dionne of Bespoke Bouquets


Carrie Haworth

“I was contacted by Business Boom on Twitter to showcase some of my work on the website, I was really shocked as I’m only a little first year, and I’ve never been asked before! I checked the website out and ended up spending ages reading through all the posts, I was really impressed with the range and quality of work that they help to showcase and was really excited about my work being a part of it. A big thanks to Business Boom, really boosted my confidence and I love checking the site out as I think that what they’re doing is a great idea!” – Carrie Haworth


Photographer Katherine Fish

“I came across Business Boom Bolton after reading an article about a fellow university student. After contacting them they posted a wonderful article about my work. I realy appreciate their friendliness; they keep in contact, ask how you’re doing and share oppertunities. It’s a great oppertunity for students or people just starting out in a creative business. They are very open and everything is free.”  – photographer Katherine Fish


Ellie Lloyd of Queen of Hearts Crockery

“I heard about Business Boom Bolton through an article that they did about a friend of mine.  No sooner had a “liked” them via facebook they contacted me for my story.  A lovely article was written and published very promptly.  This was great for me as a mention in the press that I can share raises the profile of my new business.   Not only does Business Boom Bolton help me to spread the word about the service that I offer but they do all this for FREE!  I have organised a couple of events which Business Boom Bolton helped  to publicise by sharing the link on their facebook page.  I’m sure that the help they have given has helped me to build on my business and reputation.” – Ellie Lloyd of Queen of Hearts Crockery


Apryl Callaghan of Ev K Kreations

“I first became aware of Business Boom Bolton on twitter and soon after they approached me with a fabulous offer to do a feature on my sock monkeys and other sock kreations. I jumped at the chance of free advertisement from such a great source. I received great comments and feedback through the site itself, twitter and facebook. It was also lovely to have so many photos included in the feature. I couldn’t have asked for more really.

I also have had my tweets about upcoming events and craft fairs shared which has been awesome too, it’s so nice to have local people promoting local businesses and artisans in this supportive manner. I am ever so grateful to the team at business boom bolton for all they have done for me and my sock monkeys.” Apryl Callaghan from Sock Friends by Ev K Kreations


Photographer Gareth Cottom

I first discovered Business Boom Bolton on Twitter when i had posted some of my photography work, they said they liked my work and wondered if i would like a feature on their website. I obviously said yes and was very grateful for all there help, after a few emails i sent some of my work over and within the next couple of days my work was up on their website.

As a Photographer it is very difficult at times to get your work out there into the public for people to see, this provided me with this and i am very grateful. Business Boom Bolton really does help the little business’ weather they are established or just trying to get off the ground.” Gareth Cottom Photography


Featured on Graphics Bolton

Featured in ‘Sister’s doing it for themselves’ from GraphicsBolton.


Featured by Rachel Tonner after her interview.


Featured Press associate for the Manchester Spring Fashion Show.


Nice nod from Jennie Rawlings on her Blogspot Blog and from Boy Girl Boy


From Interbang?! The blog of Annelise Sealy & Cormac McGloin.


From Polka Dots and Pearls homepage, the business owner by Jessica Ebbit.


Appreciate the tip of the hat from Kreative Bomb.

Thanks to Louise Sleigh of Catwalk Creative.

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