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In our quest to establish a bustling creative community, we at Business Boom Bolton have launched the ‘I LOVE BLTN’ campaign as a symbol of pride and solidarity for the town.

Business Boom Bolton’s long-term goal is to put the town (or hopefully the soon-to-be city) of Bolton on the map for its atmosphere and dedication to the arts and media. Furthermore, with the ever-increasing status of the University as well as the reestablishment of the college on Deane Road, Bolton will inevitably produce more and more talented individuals. Our aim in this respect is the keep local talent local as well as to portray to creative folk outside the town that there are numerous opportunities for start-up businesses.

Are you a student or local creative wanting to showcase your work? Want to advertise your bespoke products?

If you have some sharp, bright and bespoke images that you want people to see, why not get in touch with us and send over your material. All the work that we feel is bang on the money will be posted onto the site to be showcased for free. Alternatively, if you have a bespoke design or product that you wish to sell, we will feature it for you right here on the Business Boom Bolton website. If you are involved in any exciting events, campaigns or businesses linked to the creative industries, don’t hesitate to contact us!




Some of the best photos of the night:

Click here to see all the photos.


Created a cool, clever video? Why not send it in and get yourself featured on our site!

You may have recently seen the new Google Chrome advert that features the rise of young entrepreneur (in fact ‘media mogul’ might be a more apt title!) Jamal Edwards and his current and innovative business SBTV. In short, SBTV is a website that broadcasts video interviews, live performances and music promos from a range of major artists including Justin Bieber, Jessie J, Example and Ellie Goulding. As the advert reveals, Jamal first created SBTV as a wee teenager after receiving a video camera for his birthday but through persistence and passion for what he loves, he is now hitting the big time. It just shows that if you want something badly enough and are willing to graft, you too can achieve great things like Jamal

How to make it in America – Depiction of the lives of two Brooklynites seeking fortune and fame in the fashion world but they
quickly find it’s not as easy as it seems. Definitely worth a watch!

Young, local film director Joe Clark in association with Fusion Films has released his first teaser trailer for debut film – The Waking Mind.

Bolton has a brand new high street recording studio in the town centre! Talent Pool launched on the 24th September 2011 and is open to all solo artists and bands.


These shots were taken by University of Bolton student and photographer Mark Carrol. Taken in a local venue in Bolton, I’m sure you’ll agree these images wouldn’t look out-of-place in any top fashion mags. If you have any photos that you would like to showcase, get in touch with Business Boom Bolton and we’ll be happy to showcase your work!

Having graduated from the University of Bolton with a 2:1 degree in Animation and Illustration, Adam Powsney is now looking to the future with his recently-founded company Munkeyartmedia. See full article.


High Renaissance Man – The story of two students living the high life at Bristol University. Everyone needs a friend like James!

Gap Yah

Gap Yah 2


Business Boom Bolton has either featured or is working with a number of local creative businesses and artists in Bolton. Here’s some of their work:

Creative Camera, Churcbank, Bolton.

Tracie Shaylor, see article.

The Church Bank Gallery, Bolton.

Sweetness & Light

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