Images of the Day 30/01/12

Welcome to our latest ‘Images of the Day’ feature! Here, we simply display our favourite photos and/or designs from across the web. Feel free to get in touch at to showcase your own images!


“Lakes are a great subject when you like landscapes photography. I’m lucky enough to live a very near a dozen different ones. This is a sunset at Lago D’Orta, shot on a cold February afternoon. I wanted to get this nice smooth effect on the water using a GND filter and a long exposure but the water was too still to aloud me to get the result I wanted. I so started to throw rocks in the lake while taking the shot and achieved my goal” – Stefano Pedroni via Follow on Twitter!

“A monument to those lost to the deadly cruelty of the grey, heaving sea which grabs and snatches at the rocks and small piers that embrace trembling fishing boats.” Photo by Euan Preston via Follow on Twitter! 

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