Images of the Day 06/02/12

Welcome to our latest ‘Images of the Day’ feature! Here, we simply display our favourite photos and/or designs from across the web. Feel free to get in touch at to showcase your own images!


Today’s images come from young photographer Tereza Haszprunarova. Based in London,it’s clear that Tereza has a huge passion for photograhy. Here are a couple of shots from her ‘Somnium’ collection:

“This series is actually a pyjamas advertisement and it was my diploma work, where I tried to do an advertisement that would balance on the edge of art and could work as a gallery series itself. In my work  I am usualy trying to capture some unreal fantasy into the real world, so even though in this scene the animals are photoshopped in, the girls, fog and the gigantic nest are not and I spent 3 hours building it. I guess that’s something you do when you love something so dearly as I do :)”

Follow Tereza on Twitter @CocoRococoLDN and on her Website at

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