Images of the Day 02/02/12

Welcome to our latest ‘Images of the Day’ feature! Here, we simply display our favourite photos and/or designs from across the web. Feel free to get in touch at to showcase your own images!


“… the more you look into the picture, the more complex and even slightly disturbing it becomes. It cuts through that notion of a childhood wonderland, with that tethered goat and the bleakness of the light. It is highly sentimental, but, at the same time, also not. And besides, what on earth is going on? That’s another reason I love the picture so much: I will never see anything else like it in my life again.” – Jem Southam. Shot found via The Guardian.

Can't Haunt Me by Angelika Kural

A stunning piece of digital art by Angelika Kural. You can check out more of Angelika’s work on DeviantART and Shadowness. Be sure to follow her on Twitter at @andziadesign. CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL BUSINESS BOOM FEATURE.

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