Drummers Wanted! Top Sticksmen Back World Record Attempt

In 2009 Stick it to MS raised £66,315 for The Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society with almost 600 drummers all coming together in Birmingham and playing the same drumbeat for five minutes – breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest full drum kit ensemble in the process. This year it’s happening again, but this time 800 drummers are … Continue reading

Queen of Hearts Crockery with Ellie Lloyd

Ellie Lloyd describes Queen of Hears Crockery as an output of her passion in vintage china. She lives in the North west and the business has grown to allow her to hire out her china for tea parties, weddings and other events. The business (that was only setup 12 months ago) has evolved from a small hobby … Continue reading

Grand Theft Morale: The Effect of Video Games on Today’s Society

Does video gaming have a significant impact on us as consumers to evoke unruly behaviour? Does this growing technology alter moral decision? An epidemic was created when video games grew ever more popular, blaming them for influencing immoral behaviour. There is no profound evidence to settle the debate. However, there is an indication that video … Continue reading

25 Breathtaking Examples of Light Painting and Graffiti

There are numerous ways to create stunning imagery, whether it be via the aid of manipulative software or through the skill and dexterity of one’s own fingers. Whatever the technique,  artists are producing new material everyday to arouse the senses; having come across various examples of artwork in which light has been used as the main … Continue reading

Striking Architecture: 15 Product-Shaped Buildings that Catch the Eye

Although the vast majority of us work and reside in buildings that are, say, less than spectacular, modern architecture is taking a new twist and breath taking constructions are sprouting in cities across the world. I guarantee, however, that the buildings in this list will make you look twice for their own unique reasons. Here … Continue reading

20 Creative Minds to be Following on Pintrest

This afternoon we wanted to jump aboard and share with you twenty of the most popular and influencial people on one of the most growing sites on the web – Pinterest. Here, we list who you should all be following to kick start your interactions and love of this great website! Business Boom Bolton Jared … Continue reading