About Us

Local talent, national exposure

We at Business Boom Bolton care about all thing creative. Our website is designed to be a source of informative material relating to the world of arts and media. What’s more, businessboombolton.com is a central hub through which we can support and promote local creative businesses. We know for certain that Bolton is home to thousands of talented individuals with aspirations of utilising their artistic skills at the highest level possible; we are fully aware that a great deal of these people will seek a career in the big cities, but it is our long-term principal objective to keep local talent, local and build a bustling and exciting creative community that Bolton can be proud of.

Creative Space – More than a landlord

Working in partnership with a leading property company, we offer flexible creative space at affordable prices in and around Bolton. Furthermore, we supply work environments on both a short and long-term basis. For instance, if you are a photographer who needs a studio for only a few days a week, simply get in touch and we will strive to make a deal that’s suitable for all. We have work space for anyone from beauticians and artists to designers and musicians. We will also assist you in getting up and running as well as help your business succeed through use of our numerous contacts and business know-how.

The Churchbank Quarter 

Business Boom Bolton is offering creative space for photographers, designers, beauticians, artists and so on in what is now known as the Churchbank Quarter Situated in the heart of Bolton. The Churchbank Quarter is the perfect place in which to set up your new business. Not only are we offering studios at affordable prices, Business Boom Bolton will help you to promote your work through social media and introduce you to a buzzing new artistic community within which there are numerous opportunities to do cross-business. In addition, you will discover a friendly and proactive environment throughout the building.

Our staff thrive on seeing Bolton businesses succeed and we will guarantee that we will utilise our contacts and expertise to help you get up and running swiftly and stress-free. Get in touch today and be a part of this exciting new community!


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  1. luraysmythe says:

    I have just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Keep up the good work guys! You can find out more here http://versatilebloggeraward.wordpress.com

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