Made with Love: Kat Dibbits Jewellery Design

Our latest showcase of jewellery design comes courtesy of Horwich-based creative Kat Dibbits. Creating under the name Made with Love, Kat reworks vintage finds such as brooches, earring drops, bracelet links etc. using various precious stones, pearls and chains to produce unique pieces.

“I started making jewellery five years ago – I made some for a friend as a gift and got over excited when it came to buying supplies! I listed a few items on and they were really well received, then quite quickly a couple of galleries picked them up and asked me to make them some items to sell. I think my professional background has had a huge bearing on my designs. I started out as an arts journalist which means I’ve always looked to things like costume design, paintings, sculpture and theatre productions for inspiration, rather than the jewellery I saw in the shops.”

Rosa Necklace made with love by kat

Feather weight Necklace made with love by kat-

Blue Roses Earrings _made with love by kat


“I use vintage pieces – brooches, earring drops, bracelet links etc. They tend to have been discarded because they’re a mismatched pair, or the pin’s broken – I think it’s such a shame that pieces are lost. So I team them with semi precious stones – I’m working with some really gorgeous pale lilac amethyst recently – and pearls, chains and beads and create new jewellery. Five years ago when I started out, you couldn’t buy vintage-style jewellery on the High Street. That’s changed now, and there are even pieces that look a bit like mine (I’ll take it as a compliment!), but none of them use real vintage components, and they’re all mass produced – mine are the real thing, made using pieces that I’ve dug around in flea markets and charity shops for. I love the thrill of finding a gorgeous piece that’s stamped with the maker’s name so you can date it back to the fifties, sixties or earlier, but it’s been discarded.”

Sur La Mer Neckalce made with love by kat

RegalIn Gold Earrings made with love by kat

“Each piece is one of a kind – they’re genuinely unique. Because I use vintage finds I couldn’t repeat the designs even if I wanted to!”

See more from Kat on her blog, Folksy, Etsy and follow on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter @KatDibbits.

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