Exposure 13 | University of Bolton Mid-term Exhibition

Exposure13 is a collaborative Bolton-based photographic group, comprised of a group of third year Photography students at the University of Bolton. An exhibition of the artists’ collective works will be held in the Bolton Marketplace shopping centre on the 2nd floor, in the old Topshop space next month.

The exhibition will have an opening celebration night on the 12th of December from 6pm until 8pm and will be open to the public throughout the day from the 9th of December to the 19th of December.

The exhibition will be representing a wide variety of photographic practice, from fashion to magazine campaigns, activism, still life and fine art from 30 upcoming creative names. The artists of Exposure13 are looking to make their mark on the growing creative community within the North of England and the rich variety of styles will guarantee something for everyone.

Lilia Ivanova

Since its launch three days ago, the website has attracted over 500 individual visitors, and their released work has already received large attention and interest. Similarly their Facebook page has received over 400 likes and shares in the week and a half it has been running. The students taking part have been working up to this exhibition throughout the last three years of photographic education and experience. They are eager to put practice into action and break into the creative industry.

Mike Atkins

To find out more, visit Exposure13’s website at exposure13.co.uk or email the group at boltonphotography2013@live.com.

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