Form/ Function Exhibition Preview

Form/Function is an exhibition of paintings by a group of artists with shared interests in minimalism, expressionism and abstraction. The artists involved are drawn to the process, spontaneity and discipline of abstract painting and the immediacy of paint as a medium.

The descriptive interpretation of the adage ‘form follows function’ favors simplicity to complexity. In the act of painting, physical form can be observed and stripped down to it’s fundamental components.

As an exhibition, Form/Function invites the viewer to consider the function of abstract painting in personal, social or physical contexts. In this case, function could refer to the purpose, actions and resultant emotive provocation in both the artist and the viewer, while form might relate to interpretation of the physical through experimental processes.

The context of the show should also be kept in mind; an unoccupied office block, a raw, industrial space which brings functionality into question. The artists selected for this exhibition have been asked to respond to the space and to consider the subverted functionality and utility of the space where the work is exhibited.

Mi casa, su casa Terry Greene

Arrow Karl Bielik

T. Sarah McNulty

Curated by Lisa Denyer and Matthew Macaulay: Click here for more information. Artists: Karl Bielik, Lisa Denyer, Terry Greene, Brendan Lancaster, Rachael Macarthur, Matthew Macaulay, Sarah McNulty, Phoebe Mitchell, Joe Packer, Melanie Russell

Venue: Unit 4B, Piccadilly Place, Manchester M1 3BN
Preview: Friday 6 September 6pm – 9pm. Exhibition continues: Saturday 7 September – Sunday 22 September

Exhibition open: Saturdays and Sundays 12 – 6pm, or by appointment

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