Photography by Chester Graduate Emily Horton

Photographer and graduate of the University of Chester Emily Horton provides the inspiration this morning on Business Boom. Currently working in a photography studio as well as taking freelance commissions, Emily continues to build on a portfolio that already boasts some head-turning concept, fashion and environment shots.

“From as far back as I can remember, I have always loved the thrill of clicking a shutter button, and the anticipation of seeing what image I have captured. Whilst the option of photography was not available at high school or college, I embraced the camera in my personal time, and decided I wanted to make something more than a hobby out of it. Therefore, I applied to study photography and graphic design at the University of Chester, which was by far the best decision of my life. Here I had no reigns and could explore the artistic world as I wished. Not only has it defined me as a person, but also as an artist and photographer.”

University works 'Dream study 4'

“My photographic work during university centered around the theme of dream; my aim was to visualise the psychic disturbance, which arises from dreams. The use of light, was of course vital within my university explorations, as it relates so strongly with dreams. This constant need for perfect lighting has continued within my work after graduating.”

University works 'Dream study 1'

“My work now continues with the theme of dream, but also includes an element of fashion. As well as this, I also enjoy travelling, and always take one of my many cameras with me, to capture a scene of beauty or intrigue.”

photography by emily horton  flower shot, emily horton photography

“Photographers such as David Lachapelle and Gregory Crewdson inspire my work, due to the use of vivid colours and bold statements which relate so evidently to dream. I also take inspiration from films such as David Lynch’s ‘Eraserhead’, due to its surreal and disturbing content. After graduating last July with a 2:1, I have not lost my love for photography and currently work in a photography studio. I also work freelance, and have recently photographed Holly Branson, for Virgin trains.”

portrait photography ehorton

photography by emily horton

“In the future, my hope is to become a full time professional photographer. I realise this will take time and effort, but I intend to give it my all!”

See more from Emily Horton on Facebook and Twitter @EHortonPhoto.

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