Graduate Artist & Designer Daniel Lane

Design and Visual Arts graduate Daniel Lane is next up to be featured on Business Boom. Having recently completed his degree at Stockport College, Daniel is now pushing ahead in the freelance arena with his own brand DNYLNE and is focussing on up coming exhibitions. Here, we feature some of his latest projects, including Repetitive Motion which couples his interests for cycling and screenprinting.

“I had always been creative throughout my youth however I didn’t know where I wanted to take it, I went on to studying Graphic Design at college but with set briefs I felt like I couldn’t always express myself within my work the way I wanted to. I then went onto a degree course in Design and Visual Arts and found that rather than separating design and my personal work I would merge them together so while still designing for a purpose I could also put across a sense of self within the work.”


“I have recently finished my degree and its has been a great experience; studying at an institution like Stockport College I have been able to get more access to equipment and feedback from tutors on a regular basis. I believe without this I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.Screen printing plays a big part in my work, it is something I have been doing for quite a while now. However, over the past year and a bit I have really been pushing myself to produce quality print work within my self initiated projects while on my degree.”

POSTER-WHEEL 2  CRANK dnylne POSTER-WHEEL by daniel lane

“As for what inspires me I believe its what’s around me on a day to day basis while out and about outside of a working environment. I ride my bike a lot and this inspires my work, I have done a fair bit of bike related print work such as my most recent project Repetitive Process where I have related the repetitive action of screen printing with the repetitiveness of pedaling on a bike.”

POSTER-ALL daniel lane

“For the future I’m going to keep on screen printing and see where it takes me, I’m involved in a couple of exhibitions over the summer one of them being Artcrank Manchester which I’m really looking forward to. Hopefully over the next few months I’ll get some studio space and push my creative practice on the whole.”

The Waitress

See more from Daniel Lane on his website at and follow on Twitter @DNYLNE.

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