Fine Art Photography by Jenn Brookes

Jenn Brookes aka @fleurblur on Twitter is our next source of photographic inspiration. Orginally from Fleetwood, Jenn moved to Preston to complete a BA Hons Fine art degree where she discovered her artistic and photographic style. Now based in Manchester, she is aiming to take her creativity to the next level and go full-time in the industry.

“I originally intended to do painting , until my second year when photographer Mischa Henner came in to the university and did a photography module with us. From then I began to look at photography but more fine art photography such as experimental and alternative processes. Because of my choice of degree I had to teach myself everything about photography and this involved developing colour film.

I moved to Manchester in 2010 and continued my own projects and developed my practise alongside working customer service positions and volunteering to better myself. My current work features ‘damaging’ film. This means I take photographs on rolls on film and use an element to manipulate the image , it is a very unpredictable process and can produce beautiful results.”

Jenn Brookes photography 3

“I am showing work next month at an exhibition for Look13 photography festival in Liverpool,at a place called Fallout factory start date is May 17th. The theme of the festival is Identity and I have been looking at the environment and how it affects are personalities , so I have used parts of the environment in the ‘damaging’ of the films. I also run a photography group called ‘Incamera arts’ at a place called Madlab in the northern quarter and this looks into experimental photography and alternative processes I began an arts blog in 2010 inspired by the artist Francesca Woodman.”

Jenn Brookes photography 2

Jenn Brookes photography 1

“I have shown work at the Double Tree by the Hilton from November 2012 to February 2013 and also been featured in an online fascinating photography magazine. I have also starting painting again and would like to sell my work at art/craft fairs in the future. I have done many un-paid opportunities for arts organisations such as volunteering and have been fortunate enough to work a short while at the Whitworth art gallery. I get lots of inspirations from going to art and photography events around the city, also from finding artists work online.”

Jenn Brookes photography 5

Jenn Brookes photography 4

“I aspire to be able to concentrate on my work and have a creative job , I currently work full time hours in a restaurant in the Northern Quarter, its like catch 22 at the moment. I am so passionate about the arts but I need money for prints and for my projects etc but working so much takes time away from my art work. I will never do anything else as this is where my passions lie , I just didnt realise quite how hard it would be. Please follow my blog and I am on instagram and Flickr to, I hope you enjoy my work.”

See more from Jenn on her blog, Flick and follow on Instagram at fleur20 and on Twitter @FleurBlur.

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