Graphic Design by Salford’s Lauren Mckiernan

Graphic Designer Lauren Mckiernan is now in the latter stages of her degree at the University of Salford and is now preparing for that leap into the professional world. With some great experience already under her belt, the typography-enthusiast is ready to meet it head on, continuing to produce work that’s full of personality.

“I fell in love with graphic design in collage, I had never really considered it as a path to go down before, I thought fashion was my calling, but the creative freedom and challenging projects, teamed with a very inspiring tutor pushing me along made me realise Graphic Design was for me. I’m now scarily coming to the end of my final year at the University of Salford, and my skills have developed greatly over the past 3 years, and having the opportunity to intern at British Vogue played a key part in this; it allowed me to gain a lot more knowledge of the industry and how working in such an environment can be stressful at times, but I know that I can cope with the pressure and enjoy the fast paced nature of the industry.”


“My strengths lie in typography, and I have an illustrative approach to creating type. It allows me to evoke whatever mood is needed for a certain piece of work. Using different media to create letterforms is something I greatly enjoy, you never really know what your going to get. I’m using this ethos in a project I’m working on at the moment “The Will To Live”, typographic representations of people bucket lists, to inspire people to get up and experience something new. My personality is very much represented in the work that I do, it doesn’t take itself to seriously and has a fun and exciting feel to it.”

Magma 2

“I’m a bit of a romantic. I feel like I got left behind somewhere along the way, so anything with a vintage or nostalgic feel to it always inspires me, but I was always taught to keep your eyes open, always be on the look out for things to inspire you wether it be on the streets or TV.

Its starting to dawn on me that in a few months time I will be in the big wide world of graphic design trying to find where I fit in, its a scary prospect but something im looking forward to, I feel as long as I get to express myself and be creative then I will be happy, and I feel so lucky to be able to something I love.”


coffee Club

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