Graphic Design by Cumbria’s Rach Garry

University of Cumbria’s Rach Garry is today’s source of creative inspiration. Originally from Stockport, Rach is currently studying Graphic Design in her final year and is now looking to take her knowledge and experience into the professional world come graduation in the summer. 

“I love all areas of graphic design, but my main interests are typography, editorial design and letterpress. I have a colourful personality that is shown in my work as I like to inject a splash of bright colour to liven up a piece of work and make it stand out, as you can see in my personal branding. I don’t have one person that I look to for inspiration as my interest in design are quite wide. In my dissertation I explored the existence of traditional printing in the digital age. This really interested me as I am a huge fan of letterpress and exploring this further was great. I love hands on work and the freedom of moving around a workshop. I also think by doing hands on work it adds a very personal touch to the work.”

Rach Garry design 1

“I get asked a lot why I came from such a big city with a wide variety of University courses on my door stop to a small city in Cumbria, the reason is because of the quality of the course. In the past few years I have learn’t so much about all areas of design which have helped me progress as a designer.”

Rach Garry 2

Rach Garry 3

Rach Garry 4

“After being on placement at Mercieca ( this has opened my eyes to fast moving design industry and made me look forward to graduating and getting out in to the ‘real world’ that much more exciting.”

Rach Garry 5

Rach Garry 6

You can see more work at and

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