UCLAN Textile Design Graduate Jennifer Van-Son

Jennifer Van-Son graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in 2012 with a First Class BA (Honours) degree in Textiles and the Deans award for creative contribution to Textiles. Continuing to build on her freelance experience, Jennifer is concentrating on further-strengthening her professional portfolio and picking up as much knowledge as possible within the fashion/design industry. 

“I enjoy experimenting with creative concepts, which are strongly influenced by current fashion trends. I particularly enjoy developing ideas and the experimental process involved which enables me to continue pushing boundaries and exploit the endless possibilities of design and surface pattern techniques.

My final third year project “Framework” evolved from my previous second year project “The beauty of diagrams” in which my initial research was based on sound waves. This resulted in an installation piece, which visualized the movement of sound through the attachment of threads from the piano.”


“For my third year project “Framework” I developed a range of surface pattern prints and samples. My inspiration for this theme came from geometric shapes, architecture, grids and networks. This included sound travel, train lines (commuter lines) and electrical currents.”



“I combined elements of experimental line drawing and collage, which I then manipulated to create mirrored effects, which in turn resulted in some interesting patterns and structures.”



“Since graduating University I have undertaken some Freelance work for a Textile design studio who design specifically for Women’s fashion. The work involves me creating Surface Pattern prints for fashion.

I hope to continue building on my professional portfolio and gain as much work experience as possible within the fashion/design industry. I enjoy all aspects of design and coming up with new and innovative ideas.”

See more from Jennifer Van-Son at jennvson.carbonmade.com and follow on Twitter @jennVanSon.

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