Graphic Design Student Dannielle Wood

Today we showcase the work of Manchester-bred creative and student of the University of Leeds Dannielle Wood. Studying Graphic & Communication Design, Dannielle has a particular interest in book design and has ambitions to one-day see her work on the shelves of book stores across the country.”

“I absolutely love my hometown of Manchester and a lot of my early work is strongly based upon that, whether it would be the legendary lyrics from Oasis or the Smiths to the art and creativity shown in the Northern Quarter. Nowadays my work is inspired by many things, such as my options on certain topics in culture at the moment, the environment, what I read and other designers such as Jonathan Barnbrook.”

Design by Dannielle Wood

“I’ve had some great experiences in design, having pieces of work exhibited in The Lowry Gallery and the Salford Art Gallery. At the moment I am working on some brilliant briefs, a book for Phil Cleaver, and packet design for retailers Marks & Spencers. If my designs were chosen, that would probably be a fantastic experience!”


“From a young age I knew I wanted to be an artist, and I based my education around that desire. Firstly studying an Art BTEC that made me realize my direction should be Graphic Design, where I went to study that along side Psychology and English Language at Salford City College. Now I’m expanding my learning and continually fine tuning my design work studying Graphic & Communication Design at the University of Leeds.”


Manchester Postcard

“Aspirations for the future is to be able to travel the world and design for genuinely amazing companies. I enjoy book design, so I hope one day I can see a book design I’ve done sat proudly in Waterstones.”

Book design by Dannielle Wood

See more from Dannielle Wood on Behance and follow on Twitter @danniyelldesign.

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