Painter & Illustrator Lewis Loughman

Manchester-based painter and illustrator Lewis Loughman is next up on Business Boom this afternoon. Here, Lewis takes us through his inspirations and creative background and we take a look at some of his intriguing artwork.

“Pretty much spent my entire childhood doodling, reading comic books and playing Super Mario and Sonic. Since then not much has really changed! I am totally fascinated by the idea of art as this universal language that has the potential to be understood by anybody.

I work in a variety of different media, paint, pen and ink or digital, I think it’s important to be flexible with stuff like that. Though I do usually find myself working with large paint markers like Posca pens quite a lot. I tend to work quick and spontaneous I’m always sketching something, and I’m never without a pen. I find I get the most pleasure out of drawing on to actual objects, I love my sketchbook but nothing beats drawing onto a wall, a bit of wood,old toys or even dinner plates! I think it harks back to my 15 year old self who was always sat in class scratching something crude into my desk in high school.”



“I suppose my work is best described as cartoony, I love working with tonnes of colour, lots of patterns and spend 90 % of my time drawing crazy little characters – most of which I have names for.

As for inspiration, I’m pretty easily inspired so I could list hundreds of things but mainly; books (old and new) friends and random strangers. Most of my work is usually inspired by snippets of conversations I hear in coffee shops, like the weird things people say. People are weird.”



richard b poster

“Some artists I admire include Jon Burgerman, Keith Haring, Mike Perry, Johnny Ryan, Ron Rege Jr, James Victore. Locally my biggest influences have come from Savwo and the guys at DR.ME I got the opportunity to be a part of their Editions project at the start of the year and those dudes just opened my eyes to a lot of things I never even knew about the design world, huge thanks to them. My aspirations/expectations for the future are to keep doing what I love, keep drawing, keep painting. Oh and to move to New York, that’d be cool.”


paint guy

See more from Lewis on his website at and follow on Twitter @TheLoughman.

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