Graphic Design by Cumbria’s Louise Mothersdale

After studying art alongside photography and media at York College, Louise Mothersdale then continued on to a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design before deciding to specialise in a BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design at the University of Cumbria. Now in her third year, Louise is hoping to combine her urge to travel the world with a want to gain professional experience after graduation in the summer.

“I have grown up in a creative family, as my mum is a graphic designer and my dad a printer, so I have always had a natural interest in art and design. My work style is quite minimalist. I like clean cut lines, bold colours and the use of shapes within my work. I have a strong attention to detail (sometimes a bit obsessively!), but I think this is important in the design industry. The main area of graphic design I am currently working in is editorial, but I really enjoy branding and would like to explore and experiment with some more web design.”

Louise Mothersdale - Type Experimentsji

“I like to look at a wide range of designers and work to give me as broad a range of ideas and influences as possible. The main thing is that I try to keep up to date with modern design. Websites likes Pinterest and design blogs are really handy for this and I make use of them on a daily basis.

I have had some work experience at a design and print company, which gave me insight into the print finishing processes that happen after the design work. I have also done some web design for a company in York. After I graduate in the summer, I hope to gain some more work experience and start to save up some money to fund some travelling. I am hoping to travel during 2014, spending a few months in Australia to gain some more experience from design work placements in a different country, and just generally to see the world.”

Louise Mothersdale - Muckle Toon

Louise Mothersdale - Circus

Louise Mothersdale - Cumbria Calling Louise Mothersdale - Watermark (1) Louise Mothersdale - Watermark (2)

Louise Mothersdale - Annual Report (2)

See more from Louise Mothersdale on her website at, Pinterest and on Twitter @L_Mothersdale.

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  1. Really lovely use of type, colour and layout throughout all the projects – they have a really refreshing vibe.

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