Interior Designer & Founder of Occipinti Ashley McDow

OccipintiToday on Business Boom we focus on surface pattern design with Macclesfield-bred creative and graduate of Leeds College of Art and Design Ashley McDow. Having gained experience in fashion and interior design with prestigious outfits such as Alexander McQueen, Duchamp London, Aldeco and Blendworth, Ashley is now pushing ahead with her own venture in the English capital. Here, we discover more about Occipinti – “the interior design boutique where the beauty is in the prints.”

“My experiences after university have further developed my passion for colour and attention to detail. They taught me the significance of developing full and coherent collections, how to perform under extreme pressures and the importance of inspiration and trend research. I believe there is more to design then just following a trend. I wanted my designs to be inspired by numerous influences such as Art and architecture or simple English flowers. I want to be at the top of the Trend train, not coasting along at the back. With a burning desire to be more creative and take control of all aspects of the design process I set up my own boutique called Occipinti. I first tested the water at our local market place, Chatsworth Road, to see what people thought of my designs. The feedback was encouraging with comments such as ‘these are beautiful’, ‘such unique designs’ and ‘I love the colours’. With only myself running it and these encouraging thoughts to keep me motivated, Occipinti has now been live since 5th March 2013.

The name Occipinti, which means ‘painted eyes’, comes from my Sicilian grandmother. She was a fiery and colourful woman with tremendous amounts of passion. I hope to mimic these distinctive and unforgettable qualities in my products.”

Tent Exhibition

Occipinti Cusshions

Occipinti Wallpaper

“Occipinti is an interior design boutique where the beauty is in the prints. I believe in high quality and sustainability; that’s why everything is Made in England. Occipinti is about taking colour and inspiration from the world around us and creating beautiful Post- Vintage designs for Modern Living, delivered on luxurious wall coverings, cushions, fabrics, prints and up cycled furniture.

2012 saw me spending time between India and England, therefore my first collection ‘British Empire’ has been born from the fusion of beautiful English gardens and the colours of Rajasthan, using hand drawings and paintings along side computer aided techniques.”

Occipinti White sofa

Trailing Flowers Feature

“My first exhibition will be at Tent London, Sep 19-22, as part of London’s design Festival. Which I’m very excited about. I hope to attract some great press coverage, meet new buyers and make new friends along the way. But before then, I intend to expand the current collection to include coordinating designs and possibly introduce a few new products such as ceramics and furniture.”

English Garden Frame

“It is all very new and exciting for me. I can’t wait to see what the next stage of running a business will bring.”

See more on the website at, Facebook and on Twitter @Occipinti.

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