MMU Fine Art Student Bethany Callan

Today we take a look at the work of first year student of the Manchester School of Art Bethany Callan. Having grown up with a passion for all things creative, Bethany has chosen to go down the path of Fine Art and is now getting to grips with her own artistic style.

“Art has been a passion of mine since I can remember; it was the only subject throughout school where there wasn’t a right or wrong answer, I could completely zone out to everything around me and let my imagination take over. ‘Wittgenstein in New York’ by Eduardo Paolozzi was the first piece of art I remember studying when I was six, it was then that my teacher said to me, “Bethany Callan, if you do not become an artist when you’re older I will eat my hat!” I recall freaking out thinking why is she going to eat a hat?! Fourteen years later and my love for Art is still growing and expanding into a variety of creative areas.

I am currently in my first year studying a Fine Arts degree at the Manchester School of Art, my main focus for my current project is the elegance, curves and beauty of the feminine form, which was inspired by an up and coming American artist called Charmaine Olivia. I am also an interior designer within House of Fraser Manchester whilst also working on pieces of artwork which will be in the store in the next few months. My biggest project at the moment is creating my own brand of fabric designs for a big textile manufacturer in Ireland, which sells to the likes of Burberry, Laura Ashley etc. In terms of the future I never plan ahead too much. My dream is to be a full-time artist and designer eventually, and in the mean time I’ll be taking every opportunity to build towards that.”

Bethany Callan fine art3

two faced Bethany Callan fine art

beth callan fine art jayzkanyewest beth callan fine art

Nude Bethany Callan fine art

See more from Beth Callan on her blog at and on Twitter @BethGraceCallan.

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