Animation by Roxy Crow aka The Pale Whale

Roxy Crow aka The Pale Whale is a a recent animation graduate from the University of Central Lancashire who specialized in hand drawn 2D animation with a little bit of stop motion. Here, we showcase some of Roxy’s latest work and she takes us through her projects and experience. 

“I am very into the overall idea of my work and giving it a clear aesthetic twist to make it a little bit different. For my third year film ‘The anteater’ rather than create just a 2d animation I decided to project it and turn it into a interactive installation piece. I had no prior experience in installations, projectors or large scale sets so it was a big challenge but I enjoyed seeing my animation visualized in a new way and have all the pieces come together. Though I studied animation my course also gave me the opportunity to design my own animated series proposal. It was here I found my love for branding through creating a book covering all aspects of producing an animated series. Though I enjoyed the research element of the project , it was the presentation and marketing side that appealed to me and I would love to gain more experience in this area of design.”

Showreel 2012 from Thepalewhale on Vimeo.

White Paper Games Logo with Sound from Thepalewhale on Vimeo.

“Since leaving university I have continued to work in animation on some freelance projects; my most recent was creating an logo intro for a Manchester based games company and I continue to work on my own personal animated films.”

Roxy Crow Design

Roxy Crow Hollow Wood Design

Hollow Wood by Roxy Crow

Hollow Wood

anteater sketch



See more from Roxy Crow at, Vimeo and on Twitter @thepalewhales

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