Graphic Design by Carolina Feng

Carolina Feng is a final year student studying Graphic Design and Illustration at Liverpool John Moores University who in the future, hopes  to work for children publications, picture books and animation studios. We’re delighted to bring you Carolina’s latest work today.

“I come from a wide background which have been confusing my own identity for years, thus I seek to develop my own art style in the form of crafts and intricate line drawings in order to better understand myself and the world surrounded. One of my obvious style is anime/manga drawings which can be found in my personal blog and my deviant art page. Since I was a kid I have been greatly inspired by Japanese anime. Artists like Mr Miyazaki Hayao, Satoshi Kon and Clamp artists have made me realise the importance of individuality and creativity, therefore my style and the way I work is greatly inspire by them.”


“My most current work is the work of ‘Wǒ – The Self’ the self (can be found on my website), a final year brief from last semester which was about making a book about yourself. Flat and plain books aren’t my type of things, so whenever I think of making handmade books, I love to add dimension and complexity to them. To answer this brief, I used my changing personality since I was born, every two years I am a completely different person. My personality is something I owned and stored in my memory, a process that shaped into the present me, thus it gave me the idea to present them in a frame style concertina book. Each personality is presented in a chronological frame to show what I have become today – still seeking for who I am to become. The book is all handmade, illustrations are all original done with water colour and fineliners. In order to protect the fragile memory of this concertina book, I alternatively made a clamshell box to protect the book itself.”




x-mas card design


Follow Carolina Feng on her WebsiteVimeoTumblr and Twitter @karomixiao.

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