3d Designer Rachael Lawton

Rachael Lawton graduated from Loughborough University in 2012 where she studied 3D Design: New Practice. During her studies, Rachael was introduced to ceramics and shortly after began working with fine bone china to create her decorative pieces.

“Collection and repetition are the themes at the forefront of my practice, but I always strive to create work which provokes curiosity. This comes from a personal interest of curiosity cabinets and entomology, the study of insects including bees, moths and butterflies. In the past my work has had a strong curiosity theme using quite literal images to convey my concept. However my recent work is more subtle, picking up on the circular eyespots found on butterflies’ wings, a circle is present either with a glaze or markings in the clay. Extremely interested in the form, I believe circles hold a lot of meanings and intrigue, and above all they are the ultimate symbol of repetition.”

“Making by hand is what drives me every day, so making every piece unique is very important to me. Bone china is a brilliant material for this, I embrace its difficult nature, letting the material do what it wants means I achieve what I want. This is particularly true for my bowls; even though they are slip cast in the same mould I have never had two the same.

Inspired by a recent commission, I am keen to start on a new project which will combine the ideas of my earlier curiosity work with my present mounted tile work.”

See more from Rachael Lawton on her blog, Facebook and Twitter @Rachael_Lawton.

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