Fabric and Accessory Designer Kyrah Louise

Originally from Lancaster UK, Kyrah Louise is a fashion fabric and accessory designer who likes to explore placement, scale and shape on the human silhouette. Having recently graduated from De Montfort University with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Fabrics and Accessories, she is keen to utilise her creative talent at the highest level possible.

“Studying for a National Diploma in Art and Design with Fashion at Lancaster and Morecambe College UK enabled me to launch a platform for my interest in the design sector. My degree allowed me to develop my knowledge and skills establishing a pathway in my specialism of digital print design.”


“My creations derive from past and current trends, which allow me to produce a range of designs composing mixes of graphical and surrealist elements. Obtaining unusual compositions through primary and secondary sources helps me to achieve exciting designs that can be foreseen as an end product.‘

‘I like to push the boundaries of pattern making with extensive experimentation in garment visualisation using hand drawn and digital techniques to obtain the best possible outcome.”



“My inspiration comes from structural surroundings, geometrics, architecture and the unexpected. Image manipulation and digital enhancement have a significant purpose in my design process. Taking a versatile approach to product development, it is vital that I utilise my understanding of material realisation and techniques to be where I want to be as a designer. I believe inspiration is a journey and with fashion constantly evolving, pioneering approaches to design are key. My style would be described as edgy and innovative with a contemporary twist.”

“Having had my print samples exhibited at Indigo Trade Fair in Paris, it gave me the drive and motivation to promote my work in order to fulfil my aspirations that one day I will see my designs in a High Street store.”IMAGE2

See more from Kyrah on her Website, Facebook page and Twitter account @kyrahlouise.

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