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Based in the creative city of Manchester, Abigail Hutton is currently working hard on making the most of her final year studying Textiles at the Manchester School of Art (Manchester Metropolitan University). Specialising in Print, Abigail mainly focuses her design work on wall coverings.

“Like many designers all over the world, I am inspired by nature. In particular, beautiful flowers with interesting silhouettes. In December 2011, it was a design I named Poppy which caught the editors of FAKE magazine, when I emailed them one day with a link to my website. They asked me to design two floral backgrounds of a similar style for the editor’s letter and the Contents page of their ‘Nature’ themed Issue, published in March 2012. Both illustrations were well received and helped me to gain more recognition, while still only in my second year.

After this, FAKE magazine asked me once again for another illustration. This time, it was for their ‘Dreams’ themed issue, published in June. My brief was to create a background for a double page spread for a short story with the theme of Nightmares. A theme which has connotations of darkness, negativity and fear is something I have never worked with. But I like a challenge and accepted!”

Abigail Hutton Art

Abigail Hutton Art 3

“Over the summer of 2012 I was busy on work placements at two prestigious companies: Timorous Beasties and Graham & Brown. Timorous Beasties are set in the charming city of Glasgow, which I had never been to before, but loved. Timorous Beasties are a huge inspiration of mine, the two owners Paul and Alastair, have the most creative minds and just don’t stop producing amazing wallpapers that I wish I could say I’d designed!

Abigail Hutton Art 2Graham & Brown was a very enjoyable company to work at, where I was briefed to design a wallpaper. The team were extremely encouraging of my drawing skills, with one of the designers saying I had a raw talent and the other saying I have a bright future ahead! Comments like these really give me a buzz and, at the odd time when I doubt myself, pick me back up.

I am about to begin my final major project, which will be what you see in my degree show (mid June 2013). No doubt you will see florals within it, but for now I am experimenting with different techniques for producing the imagery.

Over the next few months I will post the odd snap onto my blog page, where you can have a sneak peek at what and where I’m up to with the designing. Throughout this year I am expecting to feel stressed at times, but I hope the stress will be outweighed by excitement as I see myself grow from being a student into a true designer.”

Follow Abigail Hutton on her website at, Tumblr and on Twitter @AbigailHutton_.

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