Freelance Illustrator Danny Gunn

Freelance illustrator Danny Gunn kicks off the week of inspiration on Business Boom Bolton. A graduate of Glyndwr University, Danny is now a full-time designer and is focusing on brand identity and advertising in print. 

“I was quite direction-less at the time, both in what I planned for the future and in the style and field of my creative works. My principal tutor did a great job in helping me to use the flexible nature of each module to explore different fields of work and find out on what path I wanted to go.”

“When it comes to the style and direction of my digital work I’d say that my final year piece for university; an art book, comprising largely of a project called ’50 movie posters – 50 days’ and the research behind that exemplifies most of my current influences, guys like Olly Moss and Ken Taylor that I discovered through Mondo. I also picked up a love of very limited colour palettes, which comes from playing with screen printing on tight time and money budgets throughout uni.”

scarface by Danny Gunn

“Within my Hand-Drawn illustration, I took a great deal of guidance from the styles of Mr Gauky, Kev Grey and McBess – I love black & white illustrations, powerlining and the whole fun, comic feel to their work. 
I’ve recently taken the plunge and walked away from my day job to pursue design work full time. I have some freelance projects on the go at the moment, but I’ve not sat down and thought “From here on, I’m freelance” – I’d love to go and do some time in a studio to experience everything that I can from as many people as I can.”


“My main focal point at the moment is Brand Identity and advertising in print. I have a keen interest in the psychology of advertising and I find that I enjoy my work most when I have to build a selling solution from the ground up – rather than just providing final artwork. Commercial design is definitely the route that I’m taking at the moment, but I don’t think I’ll ever say “This is me. This is what I’ll do from now on,” because who would?”

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