JewELLs Craft and Design by Ellen Luetchford

Today we introduce local creative and creator of JewELLs Ellen Luetchford. Moving on from her day job last March, Ellen decided to take her hobby of making jewellery to the next level and have a go at setting up her own business. Selling unique gift cards as well as gift bags, JewELLs is on the up, now taking regular commissions and attending popular craft fairs.

“After attending a few fairs and gaining a little insight into the industry, I decided that instead of buying in the necklaces, bracelets etc. I would buy the pendants, findings and silver plated chains and make up my own necklaces. I then wondered how could I do more … so I dabbled a little with cards and ideas and came up with the JewELLs card. This is a unique gift card which has one of my necklaces on it and everything is colour co-ordinated. So, you get a greetings card for the occasion, say a birthday or wedding, which is handcrafted by myself. I then write the verse inside the card and also add in the necklace and everything revolves around the colour of the pendant.”


“I’ve now just started to branch out on the JewELLs range by making JewELLs gift bags which are handcrafted in a similar style to the cards.”

Ellen Luetchford Design

“I thoroughly enjoy making the cards and bags and feel that they are competitively priced at £5 for a JewELLs card and between £2.25 and £2.75 for the gift bags.”

JewELLs by Ellen Luetchford

Celebration Village“At the end of last year, I was contacted by Celebration Village in Manchester regarding my JewELLs Cards and Gift Bags. CB is a one stop shop for weddings and events with all the services you need under one roof. Click on the logo so you can see for yourself.

I have my own page on their website soon JewELLs will be a part of the service offered by them.

There is a bridal fayre on 23 and 24 February at the shop which I will be exhibiting at so really looking forward to that!”

See more from Ellen and JewELLs on her blog at and Etsy

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