Communication Design Student David Whitfield

With a background in fine art, David Whitfield now focuses on various areas of design including web, print and brand work. Currently based in Altrincham, the University of Leeds student is completing a year in industry and gaining valuable experience at If agency.

“I had known since high school that I wanted to pursue a career within a creative field. Leading up to and during college, I had been very fine art focused. It wasn’t until spending two weeks at an advertising agency in Manchester that I knew which creative field I wanted to work my way into. The short stay completely changed the way I thought about art and design, I began to study design and think more conceptually. Since then I have been studying Graphic and Communication Design at the University of Leeds and I am in my third year. My fine art background combined with what I’ve learnt at University, have lead me to the work I produce today.”

“I enjoy working on brand design, print and web though I try to build my work from the idea up. This has allowed me to find my work going in directions I wouldn’t naturally think of, whether it be a piece of motion design or an ambient media campaign. I find inspiration everywhere and anywhere, whether it be on a blog, in a book or everyday life.”


“At the moment I am on a year in industry working at the If agency in Altrincham. I have found myself working on a variety of clients and consequently a range of work. It has been exciting to work in a fast paced creative environment and to learn from the people that surround me, all of which will inspire my work and increase my enthusiasm for design.”


See more on David’s website at and Twitter @dwhitdesign.

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