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Tom Wrench aka ScreenagerWith an initial interest for art and illustration, Tom Wrench aka Screenager soon discovered his own artistic style leant more towards graphic and package design, animation and typography. With a evident passion for music, Tom couples his impressive knowledge for design with his personal interests to create some truly eye-catching pieces. 

“My creative background started at an early age at my local high school in Nantwich, Cheshire. Where I originally began with a passion for art and illustration, but quickly discovered my style was much more graphic design based and I would be more equipped in this industry.  I then concentrated during my late school years and throughout my A-Levels working as a Graphic Design student in a very much Fine Art based environment, in which I had to discover my own ways of focussing my design craft.

It was not until my first two years of university where I began studying for my BA in Graphic Design, in which I truly developed into an individual, experimenting with typography, packaging design, layout design, book making, animation and filmmaking. My inspirations have always been from my deep passion for music, music is everything to me, whether it is listening to my favourite band to keep me sane whilst grinding away at the constant flood of university projects or just a way of relaxing after a long day in the studio. Music will always play a roll in my daily routine, with me often trying to incorporate a music-based project into any area of my design work.

World of Terror Flicker Book

World of Terror 1

World of Terror 2

World of Terror 3

Currently my design work is rather varied, due to a large amount of my time being taken up by my degree, working with different projects in different fields of design. However, I’m hoping by the end of my degree that I will have truly found myself as a designer, producing work which truly identifies me. My inspirations are not so black and white; I’ve never really had a designer who has truly influenced me. I could not write down a list of designers names that I aspire to be like. My influences have more come from experiences in my life, from images I see at the most random of times, in the most random of places – that’s where I truly receive my inspiration.

A strong aspiration of mine has always been to work in the music industry, igniting my passion for music with my passion for design, based in the fields of producing album artwork, promotional material and merchandise. Often I wish I could have been born thirty years prior to myself in the height of vinyl record design! Recently I’ve been fortunate enough to actually make some connections with bands and music producers and actually start producing work for them in my freelance time, hoping to get myself a foot in the door so to speak for when I graduate.

Lyric Drawings



I am hoping the largest step in my career will come from fulfilling my aspiration to move to Australia; hopefully the valuable skills I will gain from the start of my career can open up new opportunities for me in this new direction. The greatest benefit from being a designer is the flexibility it can offer – transferable skills that can make you a valuable communicator in any country!

I was recently promoted during summer of this year by the Sheffield based band and Kerrang Awards best British new comer, While She Sleeps for my project of Lyric Drawings which is featured on my blog. This is a personal project in which I created a series of typographical illustrations using lyrics and song titles. I have also produced a re-brand for the up coming music producer Last Hope and the Staffordshire based post/hardcore band Bet It All.”

See more from Tom Wrench at, Behance and LinkedIn.

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