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Aimed at Liverpool FC fans worldwide, The Redmen TV has grown rapidly since its launch back in 2007. To date, the channel has over 20,000 subscribers on Youtube with over 4.2millions views. Here we interview Paul Machin Presenter/Producer of the channel and delve into the world behind the camera.

Who are The Redmen TV? What was your motivation to start the channel?

The Redmen TV is an independently produced, uncensored, internet based football TV channel aimed at Liverpool fans worldwide. Try saying that three times fast…. Anyway, we have a small, dedicated and largely unpaid team consisting of main presenters Paul Machin and Chris Pajak, Cameraman David Gill as well as regular contributors Mike Atkinson, Aubrey Reynolds, Mary Cooper and Impressionist Darren Farley. The concept originated back in 2007 with a few internet viral videos, and the dream of making a show similar to Fantasy Football and Soccer AM.

In the late summer of 2009 “The Redmen” pilot was pitched to LFC TV, but despite positive feedback, was ultimately unsuccessful. In the following months the decision was made to take the show “directly to the fans”, so to speak, and the show began airing on YouTube during the 2010 World Cup. For the start of the 2011/12 season we launched our own website, altered the branding to “The Redmen TV: Uncensored LFC Television,” and began producing the TV format, weekly subscriber shows. Ultimately our aim has been to provide fellow Liverpool fans with an open and uncensored forum to discuss, debate, argue and ultimately find a way to laugh at the issues affecting the club on a weekly basis.

What’s the day-to-day schedule in putting everything together?

The weekly schedule revolves around the two shows that we currently produce. Our main, 2 hour subscriber show is filmed on a Tuesday evening, so in the build up to that there’s organising an agenda for discussion, booking guests, stats research and general pre-production (designing any necessary on-screen graphics for example), and setting the studio up. Once that show is “in the can” Wednesday and Thursday are when Paul locks himself away in the office and gets the editing done! The Subscriber Show is released in two hour-long parts on the Wednesday and Thursday nights, and the Match Build Up Show (a segment of part 2) goes out on the YouTube channel on the Friday.

Once these are released focus shifts to promotion, putting links out to a variety of social media sources, responding to viewer comments on the YouTube channel, and gearing up towards the weekend’s Post-Match Reaction Show. These are generally around 10 minutes long and are filmed shortly after the final whistle of every Liverpool game, with the aim to have them edited and released the same night. More often than not these are once a week, but with Liverpool’s involvement in Cup competitions there’s also the midweek fixtures to contend with. Once the Match Reaction Show is completed, again the focus is on promotion, viewer interaction, and finding some time to sleep before it all begins again!

What equipment do you use in putting the show together?

At present the show is filmed in HD on a Canon 60D DSLR, with our 2nd camera either a Canon XM2 or Sony PD170 (both broadcast quality), with audio coming through a Rode Video mic, and a Rode Stereo Video mic, with the who thing recorded on a bucket load of Sandisk 32GB SD Cards and Sony MiniDV tapes. In the studio itself we have the green screen, lighting, and a low-end netbook which puts the animated logo onto the studio monitor. The production side of things is done on PC with graphics done in Photoshop, and the editing done on Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus, which is a little bit unconventional given the common predilection for the likes of Avid or Premiere Pro, but I love it.

How do you utilise the networks of Facebook and Twitter to interact with fans/listeners on the show?

With the channel being entirely web-based social media is our bread and butter. After each show or video clip is uploaded, either to our website, or the YouTube channel we use our Twitter and Facebook accounts to spread the word. Because of the competition for space on people’s timelines this is almost a job in itself. It’s important to stay visible, particularly with our viewers crossing the time zones of the world, so we go to great lengths to interact with both viewers and other media outlets through the day and night. Our Facebook page ties directly into our Post Match Reaction Shows, with viewers encouraged to leave their thoughts on the game, with a number being read out or included on-screen in show.

With regards to YouTube, responding to video comments is also an integral part of running a successful channel, as the viewer interaction is rated almost as highly as pure number of views.

Week 18- Chelsea v Liverpool PREVIEW SHOW THUMB

Where do you see Redmen TV going in the next 12 months and beyond?

We are in the process of moving into our first non-domestic based studio, which is a posh way of saying that we won’t be filming in my backroom anymore! The past three years of production has been a gradual upward curve of learning, growth, technical prowess
and mercifully, popularity, and I really hope to continue that trend. Our main aims this coming year are to add some new shows to our schedule (we recently produced a pilot for a “micro-sketch show” called “The Funny Old Game”), grow our website Subscribers and
hopefully attract a couple of key partners or sponsorships.

Most important of all though is to keep having a laugh, I’ve long-held the belief that if you can have fun in making the thing, people will have fun in watching it. Past that? Broadcast Television would be
nice, but whether that’s just a pipe dream or something genuinely attainable is question for science fiction writers. Whilst it’s nice to indulge in the occasional flight of fancy, I’ve found it’s better just to concentrate on doing what you do as well as you possibly can.

With thanks to Paul Machin Presenter/Producer of The Redmen (All Machin Productions LTD) in helping us put the interview together.

Darren Farley- Hogson and Poulsen Sketch (1)

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  1. I’m a subscriber, look forward to it every week and Paul has the talent to somehow cheer Reds fans up after we lose. Great show, well done to him and the rest of The Redmen TV for their commitment and hard work in putting out great content!

    • Thanks for stopping by to comment shane, football is a huge sport of ups and down you need those people who can shed light on the positives after a bad game.

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