180 Years On: Booth’s Music Continues to Evolve

Celebrating a staggering 180 years of service on the streets of Bolton, local music business Booth’s Music is not only expanding its music school, but is also incorporating in-house recording facilities with its recent venture Talent Pool Studios. 

Music School

With around 30 friendly and qualified tutors occupying the 12 teaching studios, Booth’s are always keen for more ambitious and enthusiastic students to get involved. Tuition applies to all disciplines, including vocal training, drums, guitar & bass lessons, piano, strings, woodwind and folk lessons. Among the teaching team are newcomers vocal trainer Katie Bunting and drum tutor Mario who both have spots to fill for anyone looking to either improve on their initial skills and knowledge or start from scratch. What’s more, sound engineering lessons are now available following the merger with music-development company Talent Pool.

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Talent Pool Studios

Having recently moved from former premises, Talent Pool is now housed inside Booth’s Music. A pro-tools studio suitable for sing-songwriters, single musicians, groups and bands, Talent Pool offers a unique and modern way of recording. The new facilities mean that the aforementioned teaching studios are now all hooked up to the main control room, giving each musician the ability to concentrate on his/ her piece with the option of listening to other lines and rhythms. Should groups wish to record together, this option is also available thanks to the larger, newly refurbished live room. 

Should you wish to enquire or learn more about the new changes at Booth’s, you can get in touch via the website, Facebook, Twitter @boothsmusic and through their brand new blog at boothsmusic.wordpress.com.

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