Graphic Designer Teresa Sweeney

Teresa Sweeney is another Manchester based graphic designer, soon to complete her studies this year. Teresa has already several work experience and placements under her belt in readiness for when she graduates.

“My current practice is primarily involved with how we read, and questions whether the printed book will still be a common source of information or expression in years to come. The evolution of digital media is changing how we approach a design brief and how we communicate to an entire generation. Although I am terrified of graduating next year, I think it is a very exciting time to be a designer entering this industry.

My degree has allowed me to get involved with a wide range of projects, from typography to photography, screen print and letterpress. I have completed workshops with The Designer’s Republic Ian Anderson and had an extended work placement at Hearst Magazine Company, these ongoing experiences are helping me to develop my professional practice and prepare for life after university.

A competition brief given to me through my university asked to create, name and design branding for a museum of trees. I chose to bring the excitement of the countryside to the lives of busy city dwellers with “The Manchester Forest” a place where families would be able to discover all of nature’s possibilities in the urban environment. I have created various promotional materials including business cards and poster designs, making the most of the organic patterns and textures typical of the subject. Similar to a lot of my work, I have used delicate lines of detail to create a brand identity that would be suitable for a family audience and would be easily transferrable over a whole range of brand materials.”

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