Manchester School of Art Graduate Kate Merrick

Today we share the work of Manchester School of Art graduate Kate Merrick. Studying Interactive Arts at the university, Kate specialises on model making and illustration.

“I love children’s books and enchanting fairytales like Beatrix Potter and The Faraway Tree, where the animals can talk and come to life with stories to tell, it’s the endearing tales like these which inspire my illustrations. I always tend to draw wildlife without really thinking, as it just seems to be a natural habit to draw a head of animal as appose to a person. I have forever loved to draw from a young age, I remember I used create really detailed scenes of everyday life such as going to the zoo or at the beach, and I think that observation element has stuck with me today.

Interestingly my main influences come from artists who aren’t illustrators, which I think helps because in a sense I’m not persuaded to imitate their drawings, and alternatively I get inspiration from different mediums. The artists Su Blackwell, Charles Matton and Slinkachu are three of my favourites, each specialise in illusion through using scale and space which I can appreciate when relating the idea to create a drawing.

It would be a dream of mine to illustrate children’s books; therefore I’m constantly on the look out for potential opportunities which will enhance my abilities as an artist. I’m currently freelancing and building up a network of creative like-minded people, where I can collaborate and produce exciting new concepts. At the moment I’m undergoing a couple of projects with my friend Ciara Clark, she is a fantastic Jewellery designer based in Manchester and collectively we’re putting together some photography/illustration work which will promote her designs. I’m also in the process of setting up my own business of simple designs, selling cards, prints and gift wrap which I’m really excited and passionate about and so happy that I can wake up every day and do a job I love.”

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