Salford Graphic Design Student Emma Bowey

With a background in visual and fine art, Emma Bowey is a currently studying graphic design at the University of Salford. With a challenging workload, Emma is juggling her studies with a number of freelance projects, building an extensive portfolio for that later leap into the professional industry.

“I’ve always been a fan of the arts, and knew from an early age a traditional job wasn’t going to be for me. I first experimented with Graphic Design at A Level, and haven’t looked back since! I enrolled on the Foundation in Art and Design course at Salford University, where we had the opportunity to experiment in a number of different artistic media, but this just cemented my decision to pursue Graphics the year after when I moved onto the BA Graphic Design course.

My skills and influences may have developed over the years, but my background in visual and fine arts is always an inspiration, and where possible love to include these traditional techniques in my work. You can see this especially in my font designs (an area of design I’ve particularly grown to love), as I don’t like anything to be ‘too perfect’.

I love using texture, and a ‘handmade’ feel in my work, but realise this can sometimes make the work look dated and old fashioned, so I work hard to ensure my designs are always current.

I have a number of freelance projects on the go, so learning to juggle these with my increasing university workload is certainly a learning experience! One I am currently working on is the design and development of a website for a Manchester based Dance Theatre Company. They are very modern, and their style is eye-catching, so it’s a great experience to work on something that is a little out of my comfort zone.”

See more from Emma Bowey on her Website and @ImEmmaBowey on Twitter.

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