Freelance Illustrator Artist Becky Ryan

Now based in a small town in Derbyshire, Becky Ryan originally hails from Liverpool. She has experience working at the Tate and has been working as a freelancer since completing her degree at UCLAN in 2011.

“I have officially been a ‘freelance artist’ for about a year now, before that I worked at Tate Liverpool whilst doing a degree in illustration at the University of Central Lancashire (which I regret unfortunately! But the bad experience there definitely gave me the drive to get somewhere with my art). I started out creating some editorial pieces for the ‘Lancashire Evening Post’ and the ‘Liverpool Echo’ along with ‘Wireless’ student magazine and ‘Shebang’ zine, but now focus on work I choose to do due to personal interest.

I specialise in portraits with a vintage twist, taking inspiration from the vintage glamour of years gone by and the burlesque scene. I have worked with many burlesque performers to create illustrations for their promotional material and websites and also designed flyers for burlesque events.

I took part in my first gallery exhibition in May 2012 as part of a group show in London entitled ‘A Brush With Burlesque’ which featured the work of artists who capture the UK burlesque scene. I pretty much fell into the burlesque art scene really. There was a Dr Sketchy (burlesque life drawing) class in Liverpool that I attended (around the time I also attended my first burlesque show) and I decided to base a university project around it, through it I met some performers who I created artwork for as gifts, and it’s just gone from there really as word’s spread online and from word of mouth.

My inspirations are vintage imagery and old photographs, current cabaret and burlesque performers inspire my work, as well as individuals from pop culture, for example singer Florence Welch, Frankenstein’s Bride, Ghost World’s Enid, and Pulp Fiction’s Mia Wallace have all featured in my work. I also feel very inspired by the work of other creatives, seeing the wonderful work of other artists always makes me want to get my pencils out.”

Find more of Becky Ryan’s work on her Website, Facebok and @bec1989 on twitter.

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