Crowdfunding Big Society The Musical

Bolton born filmmakers announce their crowd funding campaign for ‘Big Society the Musical‘ which highlights the effects of UK cuts.

A brand new feature film, ‘Big Society The Musical,’ will take cinemas by storm. At least that is the hope of award winning not for profit filmmaking organisation  First Take. Directed by Bolton born Lynne Harwood and starring Farnworth actress Paula Simms, the musical is a gritty and surreal social commentary that provides a penetrating perspective on the austere times in which we live. With the community at its heart, the film depicts over 200 local northwest voices and utilizes a multitude of musical numbers to convey its story.

“We have been working on this film for 2 years, engaging local people including actors, dancers, singers and amazing community talent. We have been supported by many organisations throughout the northwest but what makes the film special is that everyone volunteered their time because they believe in the project. It is a feature film that is being made with the ‘Big Society’ ethos but which shows the impact of the cuts and how it is affecting individual people.” -Director Lynne Harwood

The film employs innovative use of real events that became the backdrop to the unfolding narrative including the Royal Wedding, protest marches and inner city riots. The story is centered on Linda, played by Paula Simms. Her character, a strong woman in her late 40s, works with young offenders. Facing unemployment and the pending closure of her youth centre, Linda thinks only of Connor, a defiant 14-year-old who has no one, apart from her.

The films visual quality can be credited to the contributors, sponsors and affiliates that have supported the piece. From pyrotechnic stunts facilitated by Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, the provision of imposing locations such as Dyson Hall Young Offenders Institute courtesy of Liverpool Film Office and with financial backing from the Cooperative Community Fund.

Using the crowd funding site Sponsume we’re asking people to give as little or as much as they can so we can complete the film in this way. It is important we all do something to respond to the cuts.

For more information see the website and make a donation at Sponsume.

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