Graphic Design by Philip Norris

Philip Norris‘ knowledge and background is mostly dominated by his extensive experience in IT and software development. However, following his completion of a graphic design course earlier this year at Manchester’s Shillington College, Philip has well and truly caught the design bug. 

“For the past eleven years I worked in the IT industry, more specifically as a software developer for the majority of it. Although I enjoy writing code and building things from the ground up, I’ve always had an attraction to the more visual and creative side of things. It’s fascinating the countless ways designers manage to communicate and get their message across through graphic design and art. So, at the end of last year I decided it was time to get a plan together and jump ship into the world of design.

I moved from Ireland to Manchester and attended Shillington’s graphic design course earlier this year and thanks to the fantastic teachers, I learnt a hell of a lot. I now find myself analysing every piece of design I come across, be it the layout of a magazine spread, billboards, posters, packaging during a dreaded shopping trip – I just can’t help it anymore!

I’ve recently been doing work for a nationwide American car magazine and had my first feature design published in this month’s issue. I must admit the feeling of picking up a copy in the shop and flicking through to see my design there in print was pretty damn good. At the moment I’m working on a number of other feature articles for next month’s issue. In my spare time I like to keep the creative juices flowing by designing t-shirts and working with 3D packages to create digital art for canvas prints.”

Check out more from Philip Norris on his website at and follow the man himself on Twitter @philipnorris.

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