Salford Graduate Fashion Photographer Sophie Lickiss

After graduating from the University of Salford with a degree in fashion styling and image making, Sophie Lickiss has since taken to freelancing as a fashion photographer. Through assisting others and managing her own shoots, Sophie has adjusted to put her own personal spin on her work. 

“When I left university I was certain I wanted my career to be in fashion photography, I just needed to learn more about the industry. For a year I assisted an amazing fashion photographer, Xanthe Hutchinson. I learnt a lot from assisting, absorbing all the technical information. Only just after a few months of assisting I felt confident to work by myself with the knowledge I already learnt. Every shoot I’ve done, I have learnt a lot from and I believe my work has improved and adjusted to my personal style. My work is now published on Vogue Italia, ASOS marketplace and online magazine publications e.g. KTW Magazine.

I am inspired by day to day events, culture and music. I love going to photography exhibitions and learning about how photographers create images. For my final major project at university, Francesca Woodman was a big inspiration. I like to research about photographers and their work. I think by learning about lighting techniques, equipment and motives behind photographs helps to shape your personal style. I am always looking for new projects and thinking of new ideas. But an on-going project I have at the moment is regular work for ASOS marketplace. I work closely with a new fashion brand, Mary & Milly.”

Follow Sophie Lickiss on her Website and @SophieLickiss on Twitter.

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