Paper Artist Kate Kelly of Kaper

Today we showcase the work of Manchester’s Kate Kelly of Kaper, who designs and makes paper sculptures which are screen printed by hand. Sometimes other printing techniques are incorporated alongside hand drawn elements, which makes every sculpture unique.

“I fell in love with printing techniques during my art foundation course. I had never made anything three dimensional until I went to university where I studied design: crafts.. There were many brilliant facilities available for metal, plastics and wood work, and after three years trying to build skills and master something, it was blatantly apparent the best thing I could make were my paper prototypes, so I started considering paper as a proper medium. I began making flatpack models of household and furniture items using digital printing techniques. When my designs became too complicated for flatpacks I went back to hand printing methods in order to create entirely individual pieces. This has become the most important aspect of my business now.

I like experimenting with shape, patterns and textures. Birds are currently my favourite subject matter because they are so diverse and characterful. I am currently working on some new phoenix designs and also a new range of great grey owls. The run up to Christmas isn’t the best time to finish new ranges, however! I love designing new things and I have a lot of ideas to work through, but right now it’s all about building stock. I am going to be participating in the Art Market at Holmfirth in November, which I am really looking forward to. I am making some festive robins in preparation!”

Follow Kate Kelly on her WebsiteEtsy & @KaperOnline on Twitter.

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