Salford Graphic Designer Graduate Catherine Nolan

Based in Bury, 22 year-old Catherine Nolan is a recent University of Salford graduate in Graphic Design who has a keen interest in both design and fashion. Having touched upon a number of creative skills, Catherine has honed in her interests and is now concentrating on branding, typography and web design.

“My interest in design started when I was in school where I took GCSE’s in Art and Graphics. I then went on to do a BTEC National Diploma in art and design at bury college. Here I touched on many areas of art and design included fine art, ceramics, fashion and textiles, photography and graphic design. After contemplating different degrees including Fashion and Architecture, I eventually decided graphics was the best choice for me, although I still have a strong interest in fashion. I graduated from the University of Salford with a BA (hons) in Graphic Design. Throughout my three years at University, I covered several areas of graphic design including branding, web design and animation. Towards the third year of my degree I chose to focus my designing within branding, typography and web design as these are the areas I most enjoyed.

My influences are wide and varied but I mostly draw influences from modern and contemporary design that is crisp and clean. This may come from anything such as magazine articles I have read to unusual and contemporary designed buildings. This crisp and clean look can be seen throughout a lot of my design work where I use vector based images and type. I also have a love for tattoo art and draw insiration from the traditional and gothic typefaces and artwork associated with tattoos.

I currently work for a fashion house where I am in charge of the running and upkeep of an e-Commerce website. This involves constantly updating web banners, researching new trends, writing fashion blogs and updating the layout of the website. My love of fashion and graphics has also covered designing screen prints for t-shirts and customising clothes, all of which I have done in my previous projects or in my spare time. I also create websites for local businesses and create brand identities that involve anything from logos to guerrilla marketing campaigns.”

See more of Catherine Nolan on her Website, Facebook and @catnolan.

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