Fashion Design by UCL Graduate Heather Gerrick

This afternoon we shine the light on fashion designer and graduate of University of Central Lancashire Heather Gerrick. Describing her work’s key qualities as ‘soft texture, quality fabrics and attention to detail,” Heather is on track to a career in the industry having recently showcased her first capsule collection Blossoming Graffiti to great reception at Graduate Fashion Week 2012.

“Since an early age I remember having a keen interest in Fashion. I excelled in art from an early age and always found myself drawing, in particular drawing clothes. As I began to study textiles at high school it became apparent to me that this was the direction I wanted to go. I had a natural ability when it came to sewing. I was always intrigued watching my mum sit at a sewing machine when I was younger. I chose to continue to study textiles throughout GCSE and A-Level. This gave me an incredible grounding to the industry, vastly improving my skills all round. Thanks to this grounding I was able to fulfil my ambition of studying Fashion Design at degree level at the University of Central Lancashire.

Identifying my style as a designer, my traits revolve around femininity. Soft texture, quality fabrics and attention to detail are all important factors in my work, pointing towards a pretty girly style. I have always found inspiration in designers such as Marchesa, Matthew Williamson, and Elie Saab. The use of texture, colour and attention to detail has me in awe of their work. Bridal wear has also been a significant influence for me. Since I was young it has been a dream of mine to work with bridal wear. The idea that one dress can make a bride so happy means the design process is so important and that attention to detail is key, all factors which my style fits perfectly into.

The inspiration for my first capsule collection ‘Blossoming Graffiti’ originated from a piece of work I saw by Tord Boontje. The work – a cabinet – had intricate cut out floral detailing. Further research into his work led me to delicate floral garlands, inviting me to experiment in creating my own using a laser cutter. This then became the basis of my work, draping the garlands over garments, and using individual flowers to create ruffled layers. Creating a quirky edge to my work I incorporated graffiti line prints and strong highlights of colour to contrast against the blocks of black and white.

My collection was selected to be shown at Graduate Fashion Week 2012 sponsored by George at Asda. After an incredibly successful show George tweeted about my work which then led to me being invited to complete a placement position with the company which personally was great recognition for all of my hard work.

Regarding the future I want to continue working in the fashion industry. Through previous placements I have had a taste for the industry, in particular high-street design, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I still have the dream of one day working with bridal wear, I will never lose my passion for something of such high quality, design and detail and the power to make somebody so happy with a fantastic creation.”

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