Salford Design Student Dawn Ellis

Dawn Ellis is currently undergoing her third year at the University of Salford studying for a degree in Design Futures. Having broadened her knowledge of art and design throughout her studies, Dawn has lately concentrated more on typography work, which we are delighted to showcase for you here this afternoon. 

“Visual merchandising and event management is the vision I have for my future career within the design world. After recently graduating from the University of Salford’s HND Graphic Design course, I decided that I wanted to further my knowledge on how the creative industry works. Not only does Design Futures give students training in Design and Management but it provides them with invaluable work experience, opening many doors within the world of design and business ethnic.”

“I have always been a creative individual since I can recall, inspired by most things involved in the creative industry; I like to explore and try different aspects of design. My style of working often changes depending on current design trends, recently I have introduced hand-drawn typography into my pieces. This style I have created is largely influenced by Mike Perry and the book ‘The Hand Job’. Like my favourite artist I like to create letter shapes by building mini-illustrations up and paying attention to detail. My work tends to sit easy on the eye but upon further inspection its busy and complex, the balance is something I am constantly working on.”

Follow more of Dawn Ellis on her Website, Etsy, Blog and @dawnellis191 on twitter.

One Response to “Salford Design Student Dawn Ellis”
  1. Really beautiful illustrated typography. Love the attention to detail.

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