Time for Tea Supporting LJMU Fashion Students going to Graduate Fashion Week

Kerry Crone introduces Time for Tea, the concept is that all sales from the store go towards funding the expenses for the Liverpool John Moores University students who head down to Graduate Fashion Week at the end of the year.

“I am currently on the Liverpool John Moores University BA(hons) Fashion Design Course and as a class we need to raise money to take part in Graduate Fashion week 2013.  I created ‘Time For Tea’ as a means of raising money, my pieces are based on an enchanted tea party. I tried to make each piece quite quirky and unique. They are also hand-made and created by laser cutting plastics, adding bits and bobs by up-cycling existing jewellery. I aim to create more teapots, tea cups and birds using different woods rather than plastics. Look for us at upcoming Christmas Fairs around Liverpool to try and sell my pieces.”

“As a class we are extremely determined to get to Graduate Fashion Week as it holds great opportunities for employment and showcasing our work! I am trying to get Time for Tea out there as much as I can to raise as much money as possible to support my Class and get to Graduate Fashion Week.”

Find Time for Tea on Facebook and Purchase from their Etsy Store.

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