Doug Mitchell Photography

Blackpool and Fylde College graduate Doug Mitchell Photography showcases his final year project which focuses on the darker side of internet culture.

I am a graduate from Blackpool and Fylde College after studying photography, throughout my education I have been interested in photography and the arts and have wanted to create something a little different from the norm. My graduate project Untitled, Unnamed, which was exhibited in Manchester’s Cube Gallery and in Hoxton, London, is a series focusing on internet culture. Specifically random webcam chat websites, the series portrays the evident darker side to these social sites where many people use them for sexual gratification, because of this, many people feel they must hide their face. This is what I focus on throughout all of the images, the creativity in which people choose to remain anonymous is fascinating. As though the individual (no matter where in the world) is setting up the frame for his own self portrait.

The work was produced using several techniques on after the other from digital, to traditional darkroom prints to create something somewhat detached from the viewer, grainy, dark and unnerving. I aspire to continue using art to express contemporary issues throughout the world by exhibiting work where I can. Though I am seeking work now to fund these ambitious projects!

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